Lango Camp

Lango, on the edge of Lango Baï, offers one of the most extraordinary locations of any camp in Africa. Like the front row seat of a Nat-Geo documentary, the mineral rich baï attracts huge flocks of green pigeons and African grey parrots, as well as herds of forest buffalo and forest elephants. They congregate in large herds and flocks in front of camp to gather much needed mineral salts.

The whole camp is built on elevated platforms and has 6 en-suite rooms perfectly positioned on the edge of the forest with views over the baï. Here you explore the baïs, forests and natural elephant corridors on foot with experienced guides.

The primary draw of Odzala is the unique opportunity to view eleven species of primates including Western lowland gorilla and chimpanzee. However, many animals can be seen directly from the camp. Nocturnal visitors to the bai include bongo, leopard, and red river hog, while comical Guereza Colobus monkeys are frequently seen throughout the camp.

Accommodations at the Lango Camp consist of six comfortable rooms, built on raised decks that are just in the line of trees that border Lango Bai. Each room has an en-suite bathroom and, for added privacy and enjoyment, its own walk around deck. Ceiling fans keep the rooms cool, and other amenities include mosquito nets, power points with one convertor, and complimentary laundry service.

Lango Camp is the perfect base from which to explore the Lekoli and Mambili Rivers, whether by motorboat, traditional pirogue, or even kayak. Expert guides lead game drives and walking safaris through the bai and savanna. But the featured activity at the camp is the gorilla tracking experience. Skilled trackers lead hikes through the marantaceae forest to observe these gentle giants in their natural habitat, and there are plenty of opportunities to spot a host of other wildlife on the way.

Kayak into camp on the Lekoli River

While on a Discovery journey, arrive on a kayak at Lango Camp. Take in the beauty of the forest and wildlife on either side of you as your drift down it's winding waterways and walk the last part directly into camp. You have never had such a rewarding arrival.

Wet Walks through Lango Baï

Prepare to get wet as we explore in the footsteps of great explorers and unearth the history and heritage of the area. Walks can get muddy, wet and extremely fun. This is a rare opportunity to explore absolute freedom.

Dry forest walks in the forests nearby

Spend time exploring the forests as well as the waterways with walks through one of Africa's most pristine ecosystems.

Wildlife viewing

Animals you might see on your walks in the baï and forests:

Forest Buffalo
Harnessed Bushbuck
Forest Elephant (elusive)
Spotted Hyena (elusive)
Bongo (rare)
Red River Hog (rare)
Western Sitatunga

Sunset drinks on the viewing deck

Enjoy a sundowner and a drink as Forest Buffalo and Harnessed Bushbuck walk by. Other regular visitors include Forest Elephants, Guereza colobus monkeys and a variety of birds.


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