Serian's Serengeti Mobile Kusini

Serian’s Serengeti Mobile – as its name suggests – is a movable camp, and was created to make the most of the spectacular wildebeest migration. From December to May, it is perched on the edge of the short grass plains – a perfect vantage point over the vast space where the herds amass to give birth to their young. Nestled in a well-watered wood, ancient trails weave the migration right through camp.

Kusini is perfectly positioned to access the Ngorongoro Conservation Area, as well as the Serengeti National Park – two spectacular game-viewing areas encompassing high concentrations of cheetah, honey badger, golden-backed jackal and hyena, as well as a parade of predators feasting on the newborns.

Dramatic savannah storms sweep in nourishment and new life, and an innate primordial urge pulls the wildebeest to the site of their origins to reproduce. The plains literally come to life for the birthing season. Millions of wildebeest and zebra dominate the landscape, looking for the fresh green grass that follows the first rains – and to give birth to their young.

Traditional Safari Tents
Six large ensuite tents, decorated in classic safari style with large beds and opulent rugs. Swathes of cotton soften the luxuriant bedroom furniture whilst the bathroom houses flush toilets, safari showers and vases of wild flowers conjure up idyllic East Africa.

The custom-made tents have two skins with shade cloth softening the heat of the noonday sun. All tents are positioned to take advantage of the camps immense views north over the Lamai Wedge.

The bathrooms offer organic toiletries made in Kenya by Cinnabar Green and each tent has its own dedicated 240-volt power outlets so that you can charge your batteries and devices at any time of day.

Tented Suites
A suite comprises two separate tents joined by a communal living space – and we’ve found that families especially value this balance of proximity and privacy. With parents in one half and kids in the other, each has their own ensuite bathroom – and if needs be, a third child can sleep in the living room.

By day, the living room is ideal for lounging and reading, lazy snoozing, playing board games or sorting through the day’s photos… In short, anything that entails spreading out and relaxing in a comfortable space.

While couples travelling together might find the arrangement a little too cozy, single friends on safari can enjoy the luxury of having their own space, but being close enough together not to fear those night noises that always seem louder when alone…

Game Drives
The cornerstone of a safari experience at Serian is that each group has their own open-top safari vehicle, and their own dedicated guide and spotter. The freedom this grants you is key to getting the most out of your stay: go where the day takes you, without the limitations of fixed schedules, or fitting in with other peoples’ plans. Nothing but personal desire need dictate what you do.

The vehicles are specially customized to be a climbing frame, and a photographer’s extra tool. They are comfortable, able to handle the terrain, and cover the distance…. And were designed for sun, rain, wind, and above all, the feeling of having as little as possible separating you from what’s out there.

Guides and spotters are intimately familiar with these special places, so they know all its secrets and the ways the animals interact with it, from the subtle changes of the seasons, to the stages of an animal’s lifecycle, to the flora that sustains it all – they are the key that can unlock it all for you.

Serengeti National Park
•  Preferred airstrip: Serengeti South.
•  S 3° 3' 194''
•  E 34° 32' 12''

•  Set in Serengeti National Park, on the edge of the short-grass plains in acacia woodland, through which the migration weaves.
•  6 comfortable and intimate tents set in the shade of Tortilis trees.
•  Each has an en-suite bathroom with a flushing toilet and bucket shower.
•  24 hour electricity powered by generator.
•  1.8 million wildebeest giving birth to 3-400,000 calves in the space of 3-4 weeks, plus all the predators that follow this movable feast.
•  A fantastically game-rich area, and especially great for cheetah and hyena.
•  Access to the popular Ndutu zone, as well as the Ngorongoro Conservation Area.
•  Hosted dining family style in the cozy mess tent.
•  Exclusive use of 4WD Safari vehicle and dedicated guide and spotter.

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