Entamanu Ngorongoro

Entamanu Ngorongoro is perched high on the wild side of the Ngorongoro Crater rim, a thoughtfully designed refuge in this elemental place, from which to explore the unique highland environment in which it sits. Surrounded by the soaring peaks of dormant volcanic hills and the ebb and flow of Maasai pastoralist life, this is a place to explore beyond the hustle and bustle of the main tourist trail at the Crater. Not only to visit the Crater, but to understand it as part of a wider environment.

Seven large en-suite tents, two of which are family units made cosy with heaters, warm textiles and sheepskin look across the iconic Crater view, with a backdrop of ancient acacia trees. The style here is as unique as the location - everything carefully handcrafted locally to the highest standard.

There’s nothing tame about this location – the high altitude sun has some real heat and the wind can be biting and sometimes noisy. Nomad Tanzania have taken up the challenge to create a camp that makes the most of the extraordinary view while providing warmth and shelter from the elements, while being entirely removable. Every design detail has been considered in light of this, while still providing comfort in this elemental place.

Shared Game Package: Early morning departure from camp with picnic breakfast in the Crater. Return to camp for a late lunch & the option of a short afternoon walk and/ or sundowners behind camp, overlooking the Serengeti.

On Shared Game Package, a longer day in the Crater is only possible with agreement from the entire group.

Private Game Package guests have complete flexibility to plan their own schedule, including the option of a picnic lunch en route back from the Crater, with a 2 to 3 hour walking safari along the Crater rim.

Olduvai Museum, overlooking Olduvai Gorge, is a 60 minute drive from Entamanu on what can be a bumpy road. Shifting Sands are a further 20 minutes across and beyond the Gorge. In the green season (Dec to May), both sites can be visited en route from Entamanu to the southern Serengeti, to avoid the return journey. Shifting Sands is a volcanic half-moon (barkan) shaped sand dune, formed from carbonatite sand from a previous eruption of Mt. Lengai. This fine magnetic sand moves slowly across the plains with the wind, retaining its shape as it travels, with markers on the ground showing its progress over the years.

The dune holds strong religious significance for the Maasai of the area and sits within dramatic scenery in the short grass plains.

The camp has privileged to have access to a Maasai boma that only Entamanu guests visit. This is accessed by a short 10-minute drive from camp and then a short walk from the road into the boma which takes about 15 minutes. If clients would like to walk from camp this will take about 2.5 - 3 hours over the plateau and through the forests. Guests who would like to walk from camp to the boma need a good level of fitness. The walk is long and in some parts it is steep and rocky. They will need closed walking shoes and are accompanied by an armed NCAA ranger, Maasai scout and their guide.  Visits generally take between 30 minutes and 3 hours depending on what guests want to see and do.

Once guests are in the boma, they will be shown around by the Maasai and there is often a short performance of song and dance, a lesson in traditional fire making, spear throwing, a short “lecture”/ talk, milking and livestock duties if it is in the evening, and if they wish they can buy trinkets. 

MAASAI ORPUL  (extra cost)
A Maasai orpul is a fascinating traditional ceremony which the Maasai have practiced for centuries. Guests are invited to get involved with as much of the process as they would like to. This ceremony involves the slaughtering and skinning of a goat, mixing of herbal medicine and a description from the Maasai of the activities involved and the significance they hold for the Maasai. The ceremony completes with a roasting of the meat, which is then shared amongst the group.

All walks are accompanied by a Nomad guide, Maasai escort & NCAA armed ranger  

Short Walking Safaris 
These last generally up to two hours and require a reasonable level of fitness. We can offer short walks by default on a shared GP basis. From camp we explore the local flora & fauna, often ending with an evening sundowner looking out over the southern Serengeti.  

Long Walking Safaris 
Two to six hours, requiring a good level of fitness, must be pre-booked and are only available on Private Game package basis. These include but are not limited to:  1. From the Seneto descent road, along the Crater rim to Entamanu, with stunning views in places. 2 to 3 hours. 2. Entamanu down from the Crater rim in the direction of Olduvai, with views of the southern Serengeti & Gol Mountains. Can also incorporate a visit to the local Ngoile School. 5 - 6 hours. If pre arranged this walk can form part of a transfer between Entamanu & Southern Serengeti for Private Game Package guests.  3. From Entamanu north east along the Crater rim towards the lower slopes of Olmoti, with stunning views in places: 3 - 4 hours (Dry season only)

These are possible but only on privately guided safaris, but it is very important that clients know that it is at least a 3-4 hour drive from camp in each direction.  It is possible to drive through the Ngorongoro Crater en route to make the journey more enjoyable but this incurs additional fees and increases travel time. This is always a full day excursion and walking fees apply at Empakai, charged extra. The walk into the Empakai Crater takes about 45 minutes and is quite steep to get out of. The big highlight is usually flocks of flamingoes on the lake and beautiful views out over the Crater.

On the remote North Western edge of the Ngorongoro Crater rim, just beyond the Seneto descent road, approached along a private access road. 

The camp is uniquely off the beaten track but right on the Crater rim, and has exceptional views both down into Ngorongoro Crater from one side (sunrise), and out over the Serengeti from the other (perfect for sundowners).  

Prepare for a hot high-altitude sun, cold nights, and a wind which can be strong (warm clothes are a must year-round!). This is the wild side of the Crater where the exclusivity and views are unsurpassed.

Entamanu Ngorongoro has seven canvas rooms elevated on wooden platforms, with two family rooms made up of two full size rooms and a shared bathroom.  Each room has indoor heating and ensuite bathrooms with hot and cold running water, and flush loos. Every effort has been made to create comfort in this elemental place.

Entamanu Ngorongoro (meaning ‘circle’ in Maa) is the o-nly place in the world where you can enjoy views into both the Crater and the Serengeti. Offering an unspoilt, unparalleled experience of the Crater, and the land and culture that surrounds it. It is a place to escape to, from which to learn
 and understand where the Crater fits as part of the wider environment.

Game drives into the Crater, explorations of the surrounding highlands, guided walks, bush picnics and sundowners. Maasai interactions with neighbouring communities.

Children of 8 and above at Entamanu Ngorongoro, although only children over 12 are permitted to go out on guided walks.

Regular schedule flights from Arusha/Dar/Zanzibar and other areas of Tanzania, to Manyara Airstrip which is around 2hrs road transfer to camp. Entamanu Ngorongoro is also easy driving distance from Arusha, Tarangire, Karatu and southern Serengeti so perfectly placed for inclusions in a driven northern Tanzania itinerary.

Entamanu Ngorongoro is open all year round.

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