Usangu Expedition Camp

Set on the outskirts of the Usangu floodplains, deep in the remote southern corner of Ruaha National Park, Usangu Expedition Camp offers an immersive, conservation driven experience for the adventurous traveller. The camp offers a wide variety of included activities alongside access to ongoing research projects in the Douglas Bell Eco Research Station. For those looking to further enhance this unique experience, there are customized conservation activities tailored to specific interests. With only four beautifully designed tents and full en suite facilities, Usangu Expedition Camp offers an intimate and unforgettably authentic safari experience.

A new beginning with Asilia
In 2017, after talks with TANAPA and TAWIRI, Asilia received permission to build a camp in the Usangu Wetlands. The agreement stipulated that the camp’s location would serve as a research base alongside traditional tourism. This spurred the development of a road network to facilitate ranger patrols and photographic safaris.

Simultaneously, several reconnaissance expeditions were launched to survey the diverse landscape and assess wildlife density and diversity in the Usangu Wetlands. The 57 camera traps that were deployed generated over 45,000 images. The results showed an astounding variety of wildlife across the region, including apex predators such as leopard, African wild dog, and hyena, as well as smaller carnivores, including civet, caracal

From Threatened to Thriving
Today, Usangu Expedition Camp remains the only photographic safari camp in the wild and remote south of Ruaha National Park, offering a select few intrepid guests the opportunity to be the first to explore this area and contribute to the long-term protection of the Usangu Wetlands.  

Guardians of Nature
Asilia continues to support the researchers financially (through the camp), and they continue to collate information and document how well these ecologically-important species are thriving under the current National Park protection – with the right infrastructure in place.

In the long term, the data collected will highlight rare species in the area (such as the grysbok and the four-toed giant elephant shrew) and underscore the significance of the biodiversity of the Usangu Wetlands. This information will be used to influence conservation policy in the broader Ruaha-Rungwa ecosystem. Asilia also aims to develop a more robust water management plan with local government to safeguard the key water source.

This Positive Impact approach is a crucial aspect of Asilia’s philosophy, and collaboration with implementing partners in each area where we operate is critical to a successful balance between community needs and environmental preservation. A portion of Asilia Giving supports Southern Tanzania Elephant Program (STEP) to protect elephants and enhance human-elephant coexistence in southern Tanzania.

Transforming Lives
Community development projects have also been implemented, including the sponsoring of schools and educational equipment, to further improve the community’s understanding of the environment and the importance of areas in their own backyard - the Usangu Wetlands.

 When we first opened Usangu Expedition Camp, all staff were from neighboring villages, and for 90% of them it was their first employment opportunity. We invested heavily in training to empower this team to feel confident in welcoming international guests with a smile and warm Tanzanian hospitality.

Employing locally creates huge opportunities for our team and the surrounding communities – the ripple effects of which can be felt for generations. This year, some of the original team are joined by colleagues from across Tanzania, to share their knowledge and skills. Other original team members are now working in various Asilia camps, gaining exposure to different ecosystems and boosting their career growth. We plan to continue this practice far into the future.  

  • 4 tents • Children: 12 years and above • Wi-Fi (service is variable) • Access to Douglas Bell Eco Research Station. • Minimum 3-night stay • Private vehicle and guide

ROOM DETAILS Spacious and comfortable on raised wooden decking Twin and double beds available Private veranda Safety deposit box (in manager’s office)

BATHROOM DETAILS En suite bathroom with indoor shower Toiletries provided


Game drives

Night game drives

Researcher interaction

Walking safaris

Trails camping

Boating safaris


Remote Wildlife Paradise
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