Lake Chahafi Resort

Lake Chahafi resort is a boutique hotel near Kisoro town conveniently located on the shore of the pretty Lake Chahafi that is a habitat for birds and home to Uganda’s only Mirror carp fish. The recently refurbished and expansive facility offers: fine dining in a cozy restaurant and outdoor set up options; unrivaled family style accommodation in stand alone ensuite cabins designed using local resources.

Perhaps the only resort in the region gently sloping towards the lake with a lush garden where kids can play and the seniors don’t climb steep slopes to access their cabins or the restaurant.There are plenty of activities to unwind by the Lakeside resort in Kisoro and the uniqueness is to host you while you are fulfilling your dream vacation of water sporting activities combined with an active gorilla safari day trips to Mgahinga and Bwindi parks.

Deluxe Double Cabin


We offer 5 standard double ensuite cabins of 35.5 square meters made from a combination of local materials. The standard double rooms have a King size bed with an extra single. These rooms can also be booked as twin for family and group travel.

Deluxe Triple Cabin

(1 ROOM)

Cistiscola is the standard triple with 3 double beds of 4*6 and accommodates up to three adults traveling together. It has a huge bathroom with luxury amenities. It is about 52 square meters in area.

Deluxe Twin Cabin


03 standard twin rooms named after birds: crane, heron and moorhen. They are spacious with two beds and fully furnished with luxury amenities.

Gorilla Tracking

Explore the exclusive gorilla tracking in Mgahinga (8 permits per day) or do Bwindi southern sector Rushaga and Nkuringo with more permits available. You will need an early start 1 hour to Mgahinga and 1hour 45 minutes to Rushaga and have the opportunity for a toast and unwind in Echuya Forest on your way back to the resort.

This is a full day activity and you will go with a packed lunch, after briefing you will trek in the jungle in search for the gentle giants and once the trackers have identified the gorillas you will spend one hour with them. You will return to the lodge and relax in your cabin and be served your sumptuous dinner at our cozy restaurant or by the lakeside set up.

Golden monkey tracking

These endemic subspecies of monkey only exist in the virunga massif shared by Uganda , Rwanda and DRC. On the Ugandan side they can be tracked in Mgahinga gorilla National park: At a fraction of gorilla permit fees do not miss the experience walking in the dense bamboo forest to watch a playful troop of monkeys well habituated and thrilling to watch.

Golden monkeys are very active compared to Mountain Gorillas and they will keep you hooked.

The resort will prepare your packed lunch and guests will have an early breakfast to be at the briefing point at 8:00 am.

Hiking the Volcanoes

Mgahinga offers day hiking tours to Mt. Gahinga 3473m with a crater swamp on top m. Mt. Sabinyo 3,669 with three peaks and at the third peak you will be in three countries Uganda, DRC and Rwanda and Mt. Muhabura 4,127m the third highest peaki in Uganda has a crater lake on top.

Mt. Gahinga is shorter compared to the other two however hiking is no mean feat , you need a reasonable level of fitness. Hiking is a full day activity and requires an early start as well.
You will have a hot breakfast early in the morning, and go with a packed lunch. You will require about 2 liters of water and may hire a porter to support the community and also for the porter to carry your bags and support you through the steep slopes and ladders while in the jungle.

Twin Lakes tour

Lakes Chahafi and Kayumbu are pretty small lakes with a total of 3.2 square kilometres , very scenic and have a prolific birdlife.
You can choose to do this activity early as the early bird idiom suggests to enjoy the misty mornings with high chances of sighting birds, fisher men and sunrise over the lakes. You will explore the excursion in a dug out canoe. The activity can last 4 to 6 hours of leisurely discovery of grey crowned cranes, jacanas, yellow billed ducks, little grebe, pelicans, malachite and pied kingfishers, brack crake, common moorhen etc . You my also choose to have an early breakfast and do the activity after. Alternatively have a lazy morning and do a sundowner activity in the afternoon with many pleasant surprises.


Lakes Chahafi and Kayumbu were restocked with mirror carps in 1960s but there has been fishing to extinction of the carp. in July 2021 the lakes were restocked with mirror carp and the lake is protected for the fish to multiply and grow in size. A novice angler can spend the whole day Fishing near the resort or choose a swim and the resort will supply lunch to your favourabe spot. The current stock of carp is averaging at 3 kilograms and we hope it grows in big size so that this spot can attract Carp lovers who may wish to fish for more days and combine fishing with gorilla tracking or hiking the volcanoes.

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