Mwiba Lodge

Overlooking a rocky gorge on the Arugusinyai river, Mwiba Lodge rises from the boulders surrounded by coral and acacia trees. Stretching out before you is a vast wildlife reserve vibrantly lush with colour-infused botanicals, 33 freshwater springs and a diverse array of wildlife.

Each of the 10 suites found at Mwiba Lodge are complete with private decks overlooking the rocky river below, large soaking tubs, outdoor rain showers, personal minibar and grand beds made for dreaming. The main lodge offers a jacuzzi moulded within the rockface as well as a pool overlooking the landscape, wistful living spaces, rejuvenating spa and gym, curated wine cellar and remarkable menus. An expansive pool is set on a rocky outcrop where guests can enjoy the resident wildlife that frequent the natural springs below.

Day and night game drives, bush walks, sundowners under the acacia terrace, bush lunches, and cultural immersions with the nearby villages are just a few of the magical experiences that begin here.

Untouched and raw, sit at the edge of the world on the Great Rift Valley Escarpment and experience a life-changing glimpse into a world of thousands of years ago.

Double/Twin Room (10 rooms)
A sumptuous suite comprising a vast double bed, a sofa and seating area, an outdoor deck, and an en suite bathroom with a soaking tub and both indoor and outdoor showers.Each of the bedrooms can be configured as either a king or twin and the bed area is encompassed generously by a linen mosquito net.

Adjoining Suites:
Of the 10 tented suites, there are 2 pairs that are adjoining and suitable to accommodate guests who are traveling together. Suite #2 Mbili and #3 Tatu connect as do #8 Nane and #9 Tisa.

The raised decks of these particular tented suites that are adjoining have been connected by wooden walkways to allow easy access between the suites thus making them ideal for families traveling with younger children.  The walkway between Suite Mbili and Suite Tatu is somewhat exposed and would not be suitable for children of toddler age to pass across unattended.
The connection between Suite Nane and Suite Tisa is comparatively closer with a wooden doorway providing access through a stone privacy wall linking the decks directly.

Please do note however that due to the rocky undulating nature of the site of Mwiba Lodge it is not recommended that children younger than 10 years of age stay in the adjoining suite without an older sibling, parent or adult.

Each tented suite is identical in its layout, the standard of furnishings is consistent and both suites have sufficient privacy. Should two couples or adult guests traveling together wish to be accommodated close to each other, these adjoining suites are also perfectly appointed to be used as such. We will only ever accommodate guests from a combined party in the adjoining pairs of suites.

Children Sharing:
If a triple configuration is required, the sofa in the lounge area of the tented suite can be made up as an additional single bed. This is suitable to accommodate a child of 15 years or younger. In the event that the sofa is used as a bed, a portable mosquito net is hung.  The lodge has a portable cot available which can be used for an infant of 2 years or younger. It comes with a fitted mosquito net.


Walking Safaris
At Mwiba, taking the opportunity to get out on foot is highly recommended. The terrain lends itself to walking, and the chance to get out of the vehicle, stretch one's legs, and zone in on the smaller things is one to be embraced.  Walks are always accompanied by an armed ranger, and for safety reasons we stipulate that we leave it to the discretion of the walking guide to determine whether a child is permitted on the walk or not.

Unlimited Game Drives
At Mwiba, each party is allocated a private vehicle and guide, and guests are free to decide their own schedule. Spacious, open game viewing cars enhance the feeling of proximity to nature, and for keen photographers there is plenty of room for equipment and maneuvering for that perfect angle.

Free access to Maswa Game Reserve allows clients to roam further afield, and for anyone staying three nights or more, entry to Ndutu or Southern Serengeti is complimentary. All in all, there is no shortage of game-viewing opportunities, and the chance to explore a variety of different terrains is guaranteed.

Night Game Drives
Unlike many reserves and parks, Mwiba grants guests the freedom to explore the nocturnal element of safari: under the light of the moon, the landscape seems magically different, and a different array of species come out of hiding.

Walking With Hadzabe
The Hadzabe are a hunter-gatherer tribe indigenous to the area, and live in perfect symbiosis with their environment, which provides them with all their needs for food, medicine and shelter.  Guests have the incredibly special opportunity to accompany them for a morning as they move through the wilderness, foraging for food and following honey-guide birds to sweet treats.

With one of Mwiba's guides as an interlocutor, the Hadzabe can demonstrate their tradition of bow-and-arrow making and share their folklore and history.

Visiting a Datoga Village
The Datoga are a warrior tribe with a lifestyle akin to the Masai, and therefore ancient enemies of theirs. The opportunity to visit them in their village is a magical way to gain insight into a proud and vibrant culture that is as much part of Mwiba's landscape as the wildlife is.

Dropping by late in the afternoon, guests are treated to the buzz of domesticity as the herders return home, and women busy themselves about their homestead in exquisite beaded and copper jewelry. They are delighted to show off their dwellings and rhythmic, joyous dancing in what is always a vibrant cultural exchange for all parties involved.

Fly-Camping (4 rooms) - additional cost
Guests staying at Mila Tented Camp or Mwiba Lodge have the option to experience a night under the stars in a truly luxurious fly-camp. Fly-camping is the perfect off-grid getaway for those seeking a full immersion into the wilderness and a break from technology.

For couples, the peacefulness and remoteness offer romance you cannot find anywhere else, and for families or groups of friends, a private experience to enjoy each other’s company and reminisce about the day’s sightings in silent surrounds.  A bucket shower with warm water and a long drop loo are the facilities available to guests while fly-camping.

There is no better way to salute the end of a day on safari than with an ice-cold G&T in hand, watching the sun go down from somewhere beautiful.

Spa Treatments (additional cost)
The ultimate means of soothing away the bumps and bounces of hours on safari, for many this first massage is the beginning of many more...

Scenic Helicopter Flights (additional cost)
The scenic helicopter flights (excursions from 1½ to 3 hours) offer access to amazing and remote locations with spectacular views. All scenic helicopter excursions depart from Mwiba Lodge with the option of scenic transfers between various destinations. Short helicopter trips are available in camp and are payable directly by guests. For assistance on tailored transfers, please Luggage restrictions may apply. 
Max 4 adults or 2 adults & 3 children (luggage restrictions apply). The pilot is based at Mwiba Lodge.

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