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Backed by the foothills of the Korannaberg mountains, Loapi is a tented camp made up of six private safari homes under canvas. Each tented home is positioned to make the most of unimpeded views south across the reserve’s characteristic arid savannah. With at least 100 meters (330 feet) between each private home, guests are assured of solitude and seclusion. Staffed by a dedicated butler and a private chef, Loapi heralds a return to a true wilderness experience that is both private and exclusive. In Setswana the camp’s name means ‘the space below the clouds’, aptly reflected in its environmentally sensitive, modular design, combining canvas, glass and steel. Uncluttered, sculptural interiors, enriched by nature’s colors, forms and shapes, optimize the sense of space and evoke the carefree, nomadic spirit of camping.

The southern Kalahari’s vast, dramatic landscapes are balm for the soul, and we encourage you to stay a little longer to experience everything that Tswalu has to offer. Take long drives with your private guide and tracker to find some of the iconic, elusive or endangered animals that define this place, walk in the foothills of the Korannaberg and marvel at ancient rock art, join one of the Tswalu Foundation’s researchers in the field, observe the sociable antics of foraging meerkats, or head over the dunes on horseback for a picnic lunch or a night in one of our star beds.

Pioneering and nomadic in spirit, Loapi Tented Camp’s six individual safari homes are surrounded by open savannah grasslands and accommodate two or four guests for the ultimate private wilderness experience. The 4 one-bedroom homes and 2 two-bedroom homes, spanning over 300 square meters (about 3200 square feet) and over 400 square meters (about 4600 square feet) respectively, are for those desiring complete privacy on safari. Sustainably designed and environmentally sensitive, each tented home is tucked into the contours of a valley between the Korannaberg mountains. The six homes are at least 100 meters (330 feet) apart to ensure privacy and solitude. Personal service is provided by a dedicated butler and all meals are prepared by a private chef in the interactive kitchen. As with all our camps, a private safari vehicle, guide and tracker is guaranteed.

Designed as contemporary glass and steel pavilions, the living and dining areas form the heart of each home together with the kitchen and fully stocked pantry and bar. Deep, shaded decks feature day beds for relaxation, an environmentally friendly plunge pool and a fire pit for sundowners and early morning coffee. The bedrooms are cocoon-like sanctuaries under canvas, connecting guests to the sights and sounds of nature while providing exceptional comfort and insulation from the Kalahari’s extreme temperatures.

Meerkat Experience

An early morning visit to Tswalu’s habituated meerkats to see them in their natural habitat is an unforgettable encounter. Guests have the opportunity to get within a few meters of one of three habituated family groups to watch them pop in and out of their burrows, stand sentry, groom and play with each other, soak up the sunshine, and forage in the sand for tasty morsels. The families are referred to as the Mokala, Gosa and Rockstar groups.

Jeep Safari

Your private guide and tracker, experienced and adept at navigating the reserve’s network of dirt tracks and animal trails unblemished by tell-tale tyre tracks, are always on hand to interpret the signs of the wild and share the wonders of the southern Kalahari with you.

Star Beds

Spending a night in one of our star beds, either directly under the night sky or under canvas, is an adventurous way to appreciate the sights and sounds of the southern Kalahari after dark.

Guided Walks

Much of Tswalu’s beauty can be found in the smaller details, which is best appreciated by getting off the vehicle. Then you will get up close to the ripples left by the wind on the crest of a sand dune, notice a yellow flower opening to face the sun, or be able to trace the tracks left in the sand by a porcupine digging for roots. A walking safari makes it possible to see these and other signs left in the wild that add to our understanding of this fascinating wilderness. Following the tracks of iconic Kalahari species, including cheetah, brown hyena and aardvark, adds to the thrill of exploring on foot.

Rock Art

Tswalu provides protection for many valuable rock art sites, featuring rock engravings, cupoles and paintings of people, animals, birds and abstract shapes that document the culture and history of the San and other early inhabitants of this place. Whether created as memories, maps or self expression, a visit to one of these sacred sites with your guide and tracker is bound to be thought provoking.

Horseback Riding

Another wonderful way to appreciate Tswalu’s landscapes and wildlife is from the saddle. A guided horse safari allows up-close animal sightings that are sometimes not possible from a vehicle or on foot. Regardless of your level of experience, follow game trails through the grasslands, head over the dunes for a picnic lunch or ride out to the Malori star bed before sunset.

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Magical Meerkats & More
Stay 4 nights / Pay 3
* Valid until Dec 15, 2024. Can combine with other Tswalu camps.