Gliding silently over the surface of the water – no noise, no speedboats, no gas fumes or any trace of pollution left behind by you. Just pure nature. Kayaking with your small group (max 6 people) allows you to take full advantage of the knowledge and resources in the local communities, where Papuan guides assist you to discover Raja Ampat’s unique wildlife, geography, and culture. With paddle in hand you will explore countless beaches, islands, and fringing reefs at your own leisure and pace, in silence and serenity of nature, that surrounds you. The four largest islands are Waigeo, Batanta, Salawati and Misool – known as the Four Kings.
The greatest majority of all these islands are covered in dense forest, fringed by exquisite coral reefs teeming with fish life, making this area one of the world’s most ideal places to explore by sea-kayak. Kayak 4 Conservation will set your bearings and provide you with all the information and gear needed to explore the Central Raja Ampat region. On non-kayaking days (Sat day of rest), you are free to snorkel, relax and beach it. While out kayaking, your nights will be spent in specially built local traditional guesthouses. Your guesthouse provides all meals, bedding, towels, mosquito netting and limited electricity. The base is Kri Island with accommodations in Guesthouses only. If you’d like to extend your stay to Papua Diving resorts to get some dives in, just ask.

The trips offer a variety of routes:

8 days (5 kayak days) - from $1399
11 days (9 kayak days) - from $1830

14 days (11 kayak days) - from $2175

Best time to go:

The equatorial weather makes for good kayaking all year round. From June to August, however, it is more windy, bringing larger swells due to the exposer on the Southern parts of the islands. We do not advise novice paddlers to plan their trip during this period. 
* Please inquire for availability, bookings and details.