Namibia Under Canvas

This Ultimate Namibia Under Canvas Safari affords you the chance to experience this magnificent and memorable country in a very personal way. You will have your own professional and experienced safari guide who will enhance your enjoyment of this unique country by making it a fascinating and stress-free journey of discovery amid very dramatic scenery. The knowledge, experience, and character of our guides are critical to a successful safari which is why we ensure that they are both personable and very professional. Your Ultimate Safaris guide will have an intimate knowledge of each area and camp/lodge that you visit, allowing them to share the local insights and highlights whilst adding continuity and depth to your safari. It goes without saying that they all know exactly what a "True African Safari" is all about. Not only are our guides highly qualified, each has a specific area of expertise. Together they possess the breadth and depth of knowledge to allow them to answer questions and satisfy the interests of each of our guests. The presence and company of your Ultimate Safaris guide will turn your safari into an experience of a lifetime!  The Under Canvas camps are designed to offer a true “back to nature” experience with the emphasis being on the experiential aspect of safaris, to go back to the roots of safari, to touch, to smell, to feel and to experience the wild, with one’s feet firmly in the dust that covers Africa. This is an experience that is exclusive in the real sense of the word, as well as being very much away from the pressures of ‘normal’ life!

Since most of the camps are semi-permanent and seasonal, there is a degree of compromise required concerning some of the frills and other ‘add-ons’ that you might expect in a permanent tented camp or lodge, but there is still a strong focus on ensuring guests’ comfort. Those prepared to forego some conventional ‘necessities’, so that they are unencumbered by buildings and all the paraphernalia that goes with them, will be able to go to sleep hearing only the noisy silence of the desert and to wake up to a chorus that announces the start of a new day. It is the kind of intimacy that can only be achieved by taking guests to the most wild, remote and private places, and giving them access to exclusive areas away from the beaten path.

ITINERARY IN BRIEF (Group Size: 2-7 trip members)

Days 1-3  Arrive in Windhoek by 08h00 or the previous day. Set off by road to Ongava Game Reserve, Southern Etosha National Park boundary via the Okonjima Day Visitor Centre, AfriCat Foundation

Days 4-6  Drive to //Huab Under Canvas, Damaraland  

Day 7  Drive to Desert Breeze Lodge, Swakopmund 

Days 8 & 9  Drive to Camp Sossus, Sossusvlei 

Day 10     Drive back to Windhoek 
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Travel with one of Namibia’s most reputable and well-known naturalist guides.
Visit the world renowned AfriCat Foundation and learn more about conservation initiatives involving Africa’s large cats.
Memorable and exciting guided game drives within the renowned Etosha National Park, from the vantage point of a specially modified, air conditioned 4x4 with pop tops.
Game viewing at a floodlit waterhole at night.
Game drive on the private Ongava Reserve 
Explore the Damaraland region whilst staying at the exclusive-use //Huab Under Canvas.
Search for desert adapted elephant in ephemeral river systems.
Track for the endangered black rhino in conjunction with Save the Rhino Trust. 
Visit and explore Namibia’s central coastal region with canyons, dunes and lagoons.
Explore the private Namib Tsaris Conservancy on exploratory nature drives and guided walks whilst staying in the exclusive-use Camp Sossus.
Climb some of the world’s highest free-standing sand dunes at Sossusvlei and enjoy a magic box picnic in the Namib Naukluft Park afterwards.
Enjoy spectacular star gazing of the Milky Way on the Namib Tsaris Conservancy.
Enjoy refreshing moments in desert pools on the Namib Tsaris Conservancy.