NEW! Wild Desert Adventure: Namibia & Antarctica

NEW! Wild Desert Adventure: Antarctica & Namibia

Dec 27, 2021-Jan 14, 2922

Price: $98,405

From the polar desert of Antarctica to the coastal desert of Namibia, this journey offers you two of the most extraordinarily remote, luxury travel experiences, in the world. Fly 10 000 feet above the ice to the South Pole, and circumnavigate the globe in just a few steps. Witness the birth of emperor penguin chicks, and go abseiling, ice-picking, and explore iridescent ice tunnels, while enjoying the best in luxury at White Desert’s brand-new Wolf’s Fang camp. Next, embark on an eight-night adventure that takes you to the dramatic landscapes of Namibia’s Sossusvlei, and the newly rebuilt Little Kulala. Then, discover the ancient valleys and rugged peaks of the Skeleton Coast, and witness the unique desert wildlife of the Hoanib Valley, ending at the surreally beautiful Serra Cafema, and a visit with the unique Himba people.

Itinerary in Brief:

Dec 27-29:  Cape Town: One & Only
Dec 29-Jan 4:  Antarctica: Wolf’s Fang Camp

Jan 4-6: Cape Town: One & Only

Jan 6-8: Namibia: Little Kulala

Jan 8-11: Namibia: Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp

Jan 11-14: Nambia: Serra Cafema Camp

The Trip:
Cape Town to Antartica:

Arrive in Cape Town, South Africa where you will be met by a private guide from Wilderness Safaris Private Journeys. Consistently lauded as one of the world’s top destinations, Cape Town offers the ideal starting point for this unforgettable journey. Explore Cape Town’s remarkable ocean vistas and world-renowned winelands; White Desert will conduct a comprehensive safety briefing in Cape Town, in time for your flight to Antarctica on Day 3.

On board a private jet, it is a 5 hour flight to White Desert’s private runway, overlooking one of the most iconic mountains on the continent, Wolf’s Fang. During your stay, take a 2-hour flight to Atka Bay where you will have exclusive access to one of nature’s most spectacular and least viewed wildlife events: the birth of emperor penguin chicks. During the long, dark winter months, the male penguin carries a single egg on his feet until it hatches, while the female hunts out at sea. To keep warm, adult males shelter from the wind in a constantly shifting huddle, until the females return in the spring to feed the newly hatched chicks. Curious and unafraid of humans, the chicks offer an unparalleled wildlife experience and photographic opportunity.

Travel to the South Pole, the southernmost point on Earth, on one of only 10 charters White Desert takes each year. Flying 10 000 feet above the ice over the High Polar Plateau, it’s a 5 hour trip to FD83, White Desert’s expedition camp, where you will refuel before flying a further two hours to the South Pole. You will overnight at FD83 expedition camp and return to Wolf’s Fang the following morning. You can also participate in a host of other activities. The Wolf’s Fang mountain range and surrounding Nunataks offer an ideal canvas for ice and mountain activities. Explore windswept peaks, scale ice walls, or hike to a remote overnight camp on a glacier. Other activities include ice climbing, abseiling, rope walking, and exploring ice tunnels.
* Thank you to Kelvin Troutman for Wolf's Fang Camp photos!


Fly back to Cape Town, by private jet, for two nights to regroup and relax. Wilderness Safaris Privat Journeys will again ensure you discover more of your Cape Town bucket-list. The Namibian leg of the journey now begins, with a flight to the newly refurbished Little Kulala a fresh, modern, and spacious, desert retreat that brings comfort and adventure to the dunes of the Namib Desert. Its new look ensures the Living Desert is expressed in all its splendor, celebrating its unique wildlife, natural beauty, space, and amazing night skies. Activities include safari excursions through Sossusvlei, to the world famous Dead Vlei, nature walks and eco-sensitive quad biking.

A balloon safari offers an awe-inspiring experience soaring above the sand sea. Hoanib Skeleton Coast Camp is the next stop, where desert-adapted wildlife flocks to dry riverbeds’ narrow ribbons of vegetation. In this stark, unforgiving environment, enormous elephant thrive, along with giraffe and lion. The Skeleton Coast hosts Cape fur seals in their thousands, along with black-backed jackals and brown hyaena.

Set under towering trees along the Kunene River, the last stop, Serra Cafema, is one of the most remote camps in southern Africa. Guests can truly disconnect, unwind, and relax to the sound of rushing water, and explore one of the driest deserts in the world. Respectful interaction with a nearby semi-nomadic Himba community, fascinating nature walks, boating (water levels permitting), and low-impact guided quad-bike excursions complete the experience. A Wilderness Safaris specialist private photographic guide will accompany you on your arrival in Namibia.

Note: As pioneers in sustainable ecotourism in Africa and Antarctica, Wilderness Safaris and White Desert have a shared desire to conserve and protect the pristine wilderness areas in which they operate. Through these life-changing journeys, highlighting the best of Africa and Antarctica, guests will not only be exposed to new landscapes, cultures and ecosystems.