Sardine Run with Amos!

Join award-winning nature photographer, Amos Nachoum, to South Africa and witness the unforgettable wildlife spectacle that is the Sardine Run, the greatest show on earth. The stage is the sub-tropical seas of South Africa’s Wild Coast. The plot highlights the classic struggle for balance between those at the top of the food chain, and those at the bottom. The major players are sharks, dolphins, whales, game fish, and seabirds. But the real stars of the show are the sardines.

These little baitfish gather in huge numbers each year in May, June, and July as they migrate from temperate seas to the warmer waters surrounding the rugged coastline of southern KwaZulu Natal Province along the eastern edge of South Africa. This grandiose level of swimming biomass draws in much bigger creatures of the air and the sea looking to gorge themselves on this monumental aquatic expression of nature’s bounty.

Date: Jul 11-25, 2022

6 Guests: $9800 per person

Day 1 - Arrive Durban and check into the Hilton hotel.
Day 2 - Travel to the Wild Coast and to the Mbotyi River Lodge.
Day 3-13 - Every morning we will meet at the beach boat launch. Approx. 07h30 to 08h30 depending on the light and weather conditions each day.
Day 14 - Head for home with amazing photos and memories.

Commence on your 14 day adventure in search of sardines. The aim is to locate schools of sardines. In good weather conditions, a micro light will share view from the air with the skipper leading us to the action. The adventure is to view the feeding activity of hundreds of Gannets diving, dolphins, sharks and Brutus whale devouring the escaping sardines.

We return in the early afternoon after 6 hours at sea to your accommodations for a hot shower, and image review. Dinnertime is at 7 .pm. in the large dinning room. We will follow up with preparation for the following day and a photography presentation and/or workshop coaching and storytelling of the day’s action by the fire over a glass of wine.