Snorkeling with Orcas

During Norway’s frigid winter, its majestic Arctic coastline and stunning fjords attract voluminous schools of herring, which in turn attract pods of Orcas. After determining the direction baitfish are being chased by resident Orcas, we will pursue these magnificent mammals until we can slip silently into the water for close up views and photographs of these magnificent mammals satiating their huge appetites.

The trip is greater enhanced by the pod’s social behavior. Not unlike the humpback whales unique “bubbling” feeding technique, Orcas display an activity called “carouseling.” Swimming under schools of herring, they exhale volumes of air bubbles to separate herring schools. Separated and carried helplessly towards the surface, smaller bait balls make easy pickings for hungry pods.

An activity witnessed by only a handful of snorkelers allows you the privilege to view the whale during its unique feeding behavior. Quietly, two of us at a time will slip into the water to observe the pod feeding. While we are snorkeling and free-diving, Orcas, curious by nature, will amaze us with very close encounters. You can count on my photographic experience to help make this nine-day trip one of a lifetime.


Day 1: Travel Day
This day is for travelers departing from the USA on a flight to Oslo. Arrives the next day.

This is a travel day for guests arriving from Europe. After clearing Oslo customs, we proceed to connecting flight to Tromso where the vessel is waiting our boarding on the next day. Upon arrival, take a taxi to the Radisson Blu Hotel, were we all meet after 8 pm. more specific information will be included in your travel preparation information.

Day 2: Board M/V Sula
Morning free, we meet again at 2pm. and make plan to board the vessel.

Days 3-8: Orcas!
At first light each day, we begin our search for Orcas. The following six days will be spent in cold, clear Norwegian winter water surrounded by a spectacular Arctic landscape, and the probability of seeing awesome displays of the Northern lights (Aurora Borealis.) We’ll cruise in the protection of the fjords as other whale watching vessels, fishermen, and ferries radio information to help our search for Orca pods.

Day 9: Disembark
After a day at sea, we depart M/V Sula in the early evening around 6pm and spend our last night at the Radisson Blu Hotel.

Return: The first morning flight to Oslo allows us to connect to our flights home.

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