South Georgia Grand Tour

Introducing the all-new South Georgia Grand Tour, which gives polar travelers three extra days to explore the stunning islands and exotic wildlife of this amazing sub-Antarctic area. South Georgia is one of the remotest and wildest places on earth. South Georgia is home to two mountain ranges – the Salvesen and the Allardyce – which soar to a peak of almost 3,000 meters above the sea. In the summer almost 75% of the island is covered in snow, ice, and glaciers. Come winter, a covering of snow reaches right down to the water’s edge.

The island is also called an Antarctic Oasis because of the huge numbers of penguins and seals that breed here. The marine ecosystem is considered one of the densest examples of biodiversity in the world. Visitors can spot seals on both the land and in the waters, and a variety of whales pass through the area.

South Georgia Grand Tour - Falkland Islands, Antarctica & South Georgia

Nov 23-Dec 12, 2021 - on board Plancius - SOLAR ECLIPSE TRIP

Nov 25-Dec 14, 2021 - on board Janssonius - SOLAR ECLIPSE TRIP *

Nov 26-Dec 15, 2021 - on board Hondius - SOLAR ECLIPSE TRIP *

* Itinerary run in reverse. Prices starting at $12600