Ultimate Whale Sharks

Ultimate Whale Sharks. Sea of Cortez Adventures (Jun-Oct)

Loreto. Bahia de Los Angeles. La Paz. San Pedro Martir. Los Animas. And more!! We cover it all on these 7 night trips. Diving during the day. Traveling at night or early morning to new dive sites. Unique spotter airplane support for the best encounters ie sperm whales and giant fin back whales. Snorkel and swim with the 80 - 220 whale sharks that aggregate in a quiet bay deep into the Sea of Cortez. It’s crazy!! We have special permits to visit San Pedro Martir, the hidden jewel of the Sea of Cortez. Perfectly located at the edge of massive upwellings of nutrient rich deep ocean water, the waters around this biosphere reserve are teeming with life. Shoreside is really cool as well with the largest breeding population of blue footed boobies in the world and the largest populations of brown boobies and brown pelicans in the world. Loreto is another gem that is seldom visited. The diving is great. The scenery is fantastic. Going ashore on the deserted white sand beaches is unforgettable. We will be sure to visit all our old favourites including Las Animas, the pinnacle of San Franciscito, Espiritu Santo and La Reyna. Fingers crossed on hammerhead sharks!! Insider Tip. Bahia de Los Angeles is home to the largest aggregation of whale sharks on the west coast of the Americas from June to early October. . This is a remarkable experience with few or no other boats around and we often have the place to ourselves. These friendly and inquisitive whale sharks behave very differently from anywhere else in the Sea of Cortez.

Trip meets in SeeCreatures Cabo San Lucas at 4:30 pm on Day 1 for a complimentary transfer to La Paz and your ship where our hostesses will be waiting to welcome you onboard with margaritas and champagne
Returning and disembarking in La Paz on Day 8, 2023 at 8:30 am with complimentary transfer back to either SJD or SeeCreatures Cabo San Lucas