Sudan is the third largest country in Africa, a vast desert land, where it feels as though time has almost stopped. Nothing much has changed here for centuries, holding out against the ever-encroaching demands of the modern world. This has helped to maintain a strip of coastline of 500 km in length that offers an excellent underwater environment. Here the warmest waters of the Red Sea support spectacular coral reefs and pinnacles. There are frequent possibilities for encounters with large marine life of all kinds. Therefore, it is becoming one of the most exciting destinations for an outstanding and unforgettable dive vacation best done by liveaboard to two regions – Central & South Sudan and the Extreme Southern route. Sudan is a real diving rarity where ancient legends come to life. This is the home of Cousteau’s underwater empire, of Umbria resting in her watery grave and of Shaab Rumi teeming with hammerhead sharks.

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