2024 Mobula Rays!

Imagine diving down into a school of thousands of these beautiful creatures as they soar through the ocean, witnessing their acrobatics as they leap from the water by the hundreds. Or picture snorkeling above the massive schools as they glide effortlessly through the water in unison. Prepare for front-row seats to your own wildlife documentary. SDL Expedition’s special mobula ray aggregation trips puts you right in the heart of the action!

Guests will stay at a private resort on the Sea of Cortez in Mexico and spend their days snorkeling with a gigantic school of mobula rays. SDL are the only expeditions running tours in this area.


Dive with thousands of swirling mobula rays from your beach hotel base on the Sea of Cortez. 
2024 Dates Available:
May 11-18, 2024
May 18-25, 2024
May 25-Jun 1, 2024
Jun 1-8, 2024
Jun 8-15, 2024
Jun 15-22, 2024
Jun 22-29, 2024
Rate: $5900