Costa Rica Dome Dolphin Adventure

In 2019, the brilliant photographer, Amos, lead a scouting trip off the coast of the Eastern-Central Pacific where he had a special opportunity to witness the effects of a natural phenomenon called upwelling — the process of upward movement to the ocean surface of nutrient-rich, deeper, colder waters.

What does this mean? It means that the added nutrients attract bait fish like sardines, lantern and anchovies, which in turn attract predators like super-pods of dolphins, whales, turtles, mobula ray, stingrays, and more. The upwelling event he was fortunate enough to be apart of was first discovered by local fisherman who noticed the abundance of wildlife that congregated offshore when the moon is full.

Following their advice on timing, the team went at the time they recommended and the trip was so amazing and productive that he’s decided to run an expedition in February 2021. The expedition will be six days long, and the event takes place 40 miles offshore. While you’re at sea, you will live aboard the dive vessel the Aquila, which is well-equipped for comfort, diving and cruising in open ocean.

The activity will be a mix of free diving and at times, the use of Pony tanks – we use pony tanks in order to be more flexible ready for action versus the standard large scuba tank, and extend our bottom time underwater

In addition to this expedition, if you have time, we recommend spending an extra four days to see the rain forest. Amos has been all over the world, and he can say that this is one of the most extraordinarily beautiful places he’s seen in all his travels.



Day 1: Arrive San Jose and overnight on your own.

Day 2: Pick up and drive to the vessel.

Days 3-8: Domestic flight from San Jose to Drake bay and board the vessel, Aguila. Board the vessel and we go out to sea for twelve full days daily search and swimming around bait balls with  rays, dolphins, whales and more. We will have plenty of water and lunch on board for you. Sea conditions are mostly calm to moderate.

Day 9: Disembark and transfer to San Jose for overnight (or extend your stay in the rainforest!)

In addition to this expedition, if you have time, he recommends spending an extra four days to see the rain forest.


Snorkel, photography and witness super-pods of dolphin and more!

Future dates TBD

Price: TBD
Duration: 18 days - exact dates will be given upon inquiry

Photography Workshop - For those who are looking to improve their photography, Amos will lead this trip as a photo workshop—sharing his years of experience capturing fantastic images of wild animals in action.