Explore Baja on Rocio del Mar

Three times a year, we offer a trip that covers all of Baja California. Choose your adventure beginning in Puerto Peñasco and ending in San Jose del Cabo or vise versa.

Experience what very few people have. A journey where there are no roads, very few people and almost no boats. The stars at night are so close that you can reach out and are surprised that you cannot touch them. At night you hear something splashing. It could be anything. Dolphins, marlin, a schools of bonitos? Then you hear the huge sound of blowing and water spouting. It's a whale! You can't see him but he sounds big. At a distance you hear the sea lions and pelicans. What a splendid way to end a magnificent day.

During the day we move from one island to the next , diving 3 to 4 times daily. If you wish to hike the remote islands during surface intervals, there is always a dingy available to take you to shore.

Exploring one island to the next is a magical experience. One that will linger in your memory for years and years to come. The Sea of Cortez remains a secret oasis where the desert meets the sea.

ACTIVITIES: Diving, hiking, kayaking, snorkeling, and explore small towns and missions.

THINGS TO SEE: Jacques Cousteau and John Stienbeck saw the magic that the Sea of Cortez has to offer. Jacques Cousteau called the Sea of Cortez the worlds aquarium. John Stienbeck wrote "The Log of the Sea of Cortez" a journey through a remote and beautiful corner of the world, a diary filled with the daily excitements and triumphs of skillful and energetic men. It is also an invitation to see the world anew from a fresh vantage point and perhaps with a broader and more understanding spirit.

The bio-diversity between the Northern and Southern Sea of Cortez is incredible. Diving the entire Baja is spectacular. The sea life we witness on the surface from the boat, dingys or snorkeling is fantastic.

Dolphins, sea lions, pilot whales, humpback whale, blue fin whales, orca and sperm whales. Flying mantas, blue and brown footed boobie birds, cormorants, frigate birds and the endemic yellow footed gulls.

Although the conditions in the Sea of Cortez are mostly calm, there are times that the sea is rough. Please be prepared for this type of situation. There are several over the counter remedies that can help you in case we are faced with rough seas during your trip. COME ON THIS TRIP AS A CURIOUS DIVER AND LEAVE AN EXPLORER!



Day 1 - Board the boat at 5 pm. Depart from Puerto Peñasco around 6 pm.

Day 2 - 105-mile crossing to Puerto Refugio in Angel de la Guarda Island. Check-out dive at Lolo's Cove. Great macro dive at La Vela and La Muela. Sunset cruise at a sea lion colony.

Day 3 - Bahía de los Angeles. Morning dive at El Pescador and Paraíso. Lunch and then snorkeling with the whale sharks. Depending on timing and conditions, sunset hike at La Gringa or just relax after heavy swimming with the whale sharks.

Day 4 - Morning dive at Punta Don Juan or Elias Point and then whale watching on the "Canal de Ballenas" heading south to Sal Si Puedes. 3 pm dive at Lavadero followed by a great night dive at the same location. Lavadero is located at Las Animas Island in the chain of San Lorenzo - Las Animas - Sal Si Puedes.

Day 5 - San Pedro Martir Island. Enjoy 1 or 2 days of fabulous diving with sea lions, incredible black coral fields and some of the best macro of the Midriff Islands (3-4 dives).

Day 6 - If staying at San Pedro Martir, we do 3 dives. If not, day 6 will be at San Ildelfonso Island where we will do 4 dives. Don't miss the Green Moray City!

Day 7 - Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto, visiting Coronado Island: macro and sea lions. We do 3 dives and then a nice evening with dinner in Loreto.

Day 8 - Danzante Island, part of Parque Nacional Bahía de Loreto. Dive at Submarino, Silouette and the artificial wreck, C-54 Agustin Melgar. Afternoon hike at Honeymoon Beach.

Day 9 - Las Animas, near San José Island. Great dives on the east and north pinnacles and afternoon diving at San Dieguito for a 3 pm dive followed by a night dive.

Day 10 - Los Islotes, in the northern part of Espiritu Santo Island. Dive with the friendliest sea lion colony in the Sea of Cortez. Depending on weather and ocean conditions (visibility and current), we hope to dive to dive "El Bajo", known for big schools of hammerheads. At night we will do the spectacular mobula night dive!

Day 11 - Dive at La Reyna – a great spot for sea lions, school of barracuda and occasionally oceanic manta rays.

Day 12 - Last day at San Lorenzo Channel, diving the Fan Ming wreck, Salvaterra wreck and Suani Reef.

Day 13 - Arrival to San José del Cabo, disembark 8:30 am.


Join Kirsten to explore the beauty of Baja!
Date:  Sep 16-28, 2023
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