Marine Life Educations Weeks

Join us for a week full of fun, presentations, and guided dives to learn about life on the reefs and the underwater fauna. Marine Life Education, set up and supported by Fish ID expert Eric Riesch. His presentations will focus on marine life identification and reef fish behavior with an emphasis on species found right off the dock at the resort.

Eric Riesch is the photo editor and managing director of New World Publications, Inc. in Jacksonville, Florida. Riesch has been making underwater photographs for more than 20 years during trips to Indonesia, the Philippines, Galapagos Islands, and throughout the Caribbean. He has traveled annually to Buddy Dive Resort in Bonaire since 2005.

The second diver dives for free and you will receive a discount on the Reef ID books.

Travel Period: 2024 TBD


Time to your fellows underwater with marine photographer and expert, Eric Riesch
Dates: 2024 TBD
Rates: based on accommodation level. 2nd diver dives free!