Mexican Sardine Run + Striped Marlin Photo Expedition

The Trip:

Predators big and small are on the hunt during the annual Mexican sardine run where the underwater action is fast and furious. And the best encounters take place within ten meters (30 feet) of the surface, making this a perfect adventure for non-divers, free divers, and snorkelers. Wildlife photographers will have unique opportunities to capture stunning images.

* Frigate birds with sharp eyes track the sardines, making it easy for us to find the action

* Striped marlins follow with incredible speed as they dart after their sardine prey

* California sea lions join the chase, while the marlins take caution not to damage their spears

* Bonitos engage in the fierce competition for the sardine meals

* Bryde’s whales arrive, scattering the competition and engulfing the sardine bait ball

* Then, silently and unannounced, a pod of transient orca show up—and of course we leave the competing whale, sea lions and marlin for the joy being in the company of the ocean’s gentle giant.
Your base for this amazing trip is the sailing vessel, Mango Wind. The Mango Wind is an award-winning catamaran that is both luxurious and very stable at 45-feet long and 24 feet wide. Adventure and luxury all in one with a salon, large dining areas, full A/C, and 3 cabins with private bathrooms. This vessel was specifically selected for top quality water encounters as well as comfort. This adventure on the Mango Wind is exclusive—limited to 4 guests per trip. Onboard we feature a photo guide, a naturalist, and our private chef.


Autumn in Baja, Mexico is the time to see the colorful and speedy Striped Marlins hunting. For many years the marlin were not seen much in this area, reaching a peak six years ago when the mackerel stock was almost entirely fished out. Then in 2019 two things happened to bring the marlin back. The mackerel levels recovered and an ocean current called an upwelling brought them back to Baja, along with all other ocean predators that feed on them. The returned in great numbers and we were lucky to have many great days out in the water enjoying their company.


Nov 20-27, 2023
Nov 27-Dec 4, 2023

2023 price: $9800



80 – 82°F (26 – 28°C)


80 – 100 feet (25 – 30 meters)
Group size: 4
Leader: Amanda Cotton