Sperm Whale Snorkel

Join us in Dominica for a unique opportunity to try for up-close interactions with sperm whales. This trip offers spaces for 4 clients over 10 water days. The sperm whale is the largest toothed whale and also the world’s largest predator.

SDL Expeditions tries to see these creatures all over the world, time and time again, and Dominica offers the most successful interactions. Keep in mind that encounters are not guaranteed — we go out and try the best we can to swim with them. Despite their size, they are shy creatures and getting close can be challenging.

The deep waters off Dominica are home to nearly 200 resident sperm whales. These whales live in Dominica year round, in the warm, crystal-clear waters. Our trips take a maximum of four clients, offering more intimate experiences with these whales. We consider Dominica the absolute best place in the world to see sperm whales in the water. With only one permit issued at at time, there are no other boats to worry about during this tour, allowing for hassle-free enjoyment. This trip is done on snorkel.



Dominica features deep coastal waters that host resident sperm whales. Come photography, snorkel and marvel at these enormous marine mammals.

Dates & Rates:  
Dec 16-27, 2023 - $16,500
Jan 3-10, 2024 - $6300
Jan 27-Feb 3, 2024 - $6300
Mar 2-9, 2024 - $6300
Mar 16-23, 2024 - $6300
Mar 30-Apr 6, 2024 - $6300
Apr 6-13, 2024 - $6300
Apr 13-20, 2024 - $6300