Sperm Whales of Dominica

Join Big Animals Expedition leaders, snorkeling, swimming, free diving and photographing sperm whales! In past experiences, they have observed Dominica’s West Coast hosting approximately five sperm whale families, each with five to nine cetaceans. Females and their calves comprise the majority of these groups, although we occasionally encounter males, who are 45 to 55 feet long; thirty percent larger than the females. Families frequently socialize by playing in the water. Other times, they may remain stationary in a vertical position.

Sometimes the pod swims slowly allowing us to fin with them, while other times their speed picks up. We always follow them at a safe distance until they abruptly stop, waiting for us to catch up.
Itinerary in brief:

Day 1: Leave Puerto Rico (if arrive from USA) and arrive in Dominica, Melville Hall Airport. Taxi to the hotel of your choice.

Day 2 – Day 8: Five full days daily search and swim with sperm whale including all other cetaceans in Dominica’s waters. We will have plenty of water and lunch on board for you. Sea conditions are mostly calm to moderate, with rising wind in the afternoon.

Day 9: Leave Dominica for home. We provide the return transfer to the airport according to your schedule.



Sperm whale encounters on a grand scale off Dominica. Come away with incredible photography and mind-blowing moments. Trip leader: the amazing Amos or sidekick, Boaz!

Apr 21-29, 2024
Nov 21-29, 2024
Nov 30-Dec 8, 2024


$7900 (maximum group size 6!
Expedition Leader: Amos or Boaz