Amira, Indonesia

Yes, we have returned to NYC and are only just getting re-accustomed to the time change and the crisp fall weather.  I have to admit, I do miss those balmy days and warmer waters.

Our time on the Amira could not have been more wonderful.  We have remarked to many of our friends that the only thing we had to do on the boat was chew our own food and breath and kick underwater for ourselves.  Everything else was graciously done for us by the crew including pulling our wet suits on for us before every dive and handing us hot, sweet, ginger tea upon our return after our dives. The spaciousness of the boat gave us all the opportunity to find personal space if needed and other areas to mix and chat with the other divers if company was wanted. The ample size of our cabins made us feel totally comfortable and the windows or portholes always gave us plenty of fresh air. The air-conditioning was never needed.  Your chef provided us with varied, delicious meals, I loved the sashimi, and the fresh fruit and veggies available onboard, especially in this part of the world, was a delight. We all agreed, we couldn’t have been pampered more and we totally enjoyed it! 

My husband Mark described the diving, after searching for the right word, as majestic.  The variety of fish, the abundance of coral and the joy of seeing such a healthy, teeming reef not only was a wonder to our eyes, but it also gave us hope that the oceans still have a chance to not only survive, but to also thrive.  I can only hope that this will remain true in the future. It is apparent that the efforts of the crew and owners of the Amira and the keepers of Sorido Bay are all striving to protect this ocean treasure and for this I am truly grateful.  

I would be remiss if I did not mention Bruno, Ikel (sp?) and in particular, your dive crew.   Their ability to spot even the smallest of marvels was astounding.  We had to laugh as they had us stop in the midst of a ripping current to point out a pygmy seahorse.   The briefings were very informative and on days when the currents were strong, alternative dive sites were offered to those who did not feel confident to dive in those situations.  My husband and son took the opportunity to go night diving whenever possible and the boat and crew always accommodated their desires.  As the amount of passengers was limited, my husband, son and I along with our dive guide dove as a small group together.  What a luxury to feel that the reef belonged to our small ‘school’ with no other divers in sight.  

What a surprise we all had to find Uli aboard, our very own marine biologist ready to give us nightly lectures and to offer insight into what we were seeing every day. 

Not only were his lectures informative but his delivery was beyond humorous and I know I will remember much of what he taught us.  That, to me, is the true sign of a great teacher.  

The two weeks passed only too quickly aboard and as we waved goodbye to our son, my husband and I headed to Sorido Bay.  We did enjoy being on land, but as this area has been discovered by others, we were joined on the reefs by other dive groups staying near by.  Six of us who had been on The Amira also traveled to Sorido Bay.  On our first dive, we laughed as we had to dress ourselves. Talk about spoiled divers! The water temps were somewhat warmer for us here and that made the diving more pleasant.  I did appreciate your ‘alert’  email forewarning us of the colder waters awaiting us in the southern waters and took a thicker suit due to that, thank goodness.  I know I would have been cold without your heads up.  

Max and the staff at Sorido Bay were charming, helpful and like the crew of The Amira, always greeting us with big smiles. We truly loved the diving, felt relaxed and rejuvenated and after all, that is why we travel. It was an amazing holiday and the images and experiences are locked in our brains forever. 

Thanks to you and all of your crew for all for your efforts.  As a team, you made this a trip to remember forever.

Hope to see you all sometime, somewhere in the future.


Jo Beth R.- November 2015