Arenui Forgotten Island Cruise October 14 to 26, 2016

I cannot speak highly enough about this experience. The diving was all that I expected, but the Arenui crew made the trip for me. This was my 3rd diving trip to Indonesia, first time on this boat, and the diving was all that I expected. There are only 16 guests and there were 23 crew to attend to our needs, and attend they did. The other guests were all very friendly and our trip organizer was also very attentive to the needs of the guests.

The diving set up was great. By using 2 fast boats the dive groups were limited to 4 divers to each guide. The groups were whisked to the dive sites, entered the water together, and proceeded to enjoy the diving. Upon surfacing the fast boats were right there is pick up up. The dive groups were the "early" groups and the "lazy" groups, which were switched each day. This allowed each group to have the entire boat to get kitted up and gave us a chance to get in the water without a large group of divers heading out to the same site at the same time. The eagle eyed guides spotted everything no matter how small.

The boat is very comfortable and the food was fantastic!! Individual selections were available at every meal. The boat has no bunk beds and all cabins have en-suite facilities, as well as a public one for all to use. Lots of public space for the guests to congregate and socialize.  

Overall the diving was great, but the  days spent in Ambon Bay doing muck diving was the icing on the cake. This was my first experience doing muck diving and it exceeded my very high expectations.  My guide, Ronald, was eagle eyed.  He found multiple subjects at the same time to keep all the photographers busy rather than waiting in line for each shooter to get his/her shots.

Arenui has various diving locations during the year and I am looking forward to my next opportunity to sail with her and her great crew.

Kathy C.- October 2016