Cozumel & Isla Holbox,Mexico

“Mexico was wonderful. This is the third time I have been to Cozumel and it never fails to impress. The diving set up turned out great. Because we were six for the morning dives each day, I went to them on the day we arrived to see if we could get a small boat for just us each morning. We were assigned a small, fast boat with a great dive master. Having been doing this since 1976 I have learned that when you get good service tip heavily on the first day and you will get even better service, which we always do. The dive master took us under his wing and gave us a wonderful experience. Even when just Heidi and I (the two hard core divers) went diving alone, he joined the crew on the bigger boat and acted as our personal dive master, taking just Heidi and I separately. He even worked on his day off for us - GREAT!! The hotel in Cozumel was wonderful and as Heidi predicted having an all inclusive was perfect since we had three growing teenagers with us. They could eat whenever they wanted and as much as they wanted. The rooms were nice. They have lots of activities which you could choose to join and the boys did so, keeping them occupied when not diving.

We were met at the ferry just fine once we got to Holbox. Holbox is a very quaint area. Holbox Dreams was very nice. Rooms were nice and they have a pool in the middle court which was refreshing to dip in after the all day boat rides. Snorkeling with the sharks was everything I expected and MORE!! We did not see huge numbers of sharks like they saw later in July, but we saw enough to exhaust us completely. From the surface the sharks appear to be just strolling along, until you get in the water with them and try to keep up!! They are cruising right along and it a great effort to keep up. The VIP boat was worth every penny. With six people going in two at a time, you were just able to catch your breath before it was your turn again. After all the other boats went in for the day we were able to stay out and have sole access to the sharks. As a hard core shark enthusiast for several decades, I was in my glory!! Even my nephew, who never shows enthusiasm for anything (that's not cool!), was smiling and excited by the experience. I will definitely do it again, especially since my dive buddy Jane was not able to join me on this trip.

Thankyouthankyouthankyou for all of your great assistance in making this experience possible. I hope that now that you have set up this trip for us you will offer it to other people and spread the word about the sharks and Holbox so that these magnificent creatures might be saved from extinction by getting tourist dollars down there to support Holbox's efforts to turn LIVE whale sharks into a profitable resource!! “

Kathy C.- August 2009