From Denise: "The trip was fantastic! Alam Shanti was absolutely gorgeous – what a view we had. The Cheng Ho was everything I could ask for, very attentive crew always ready to please. The diving was something I'll never forget and Kerri was the best! She was the one who suggested the "newbie" needed to dive in the most beautiful spot in the world and she was right. Whitewater rafting, biking down the mountain, seeing the dragons were all great activities...I wouldn't have changed anything except the 508 stairs we had to go down to get to the river LOL. All in all it was a trip of a lifetime and I would like to thank you for helping to put it all together for us. Can't wait for the next adventure to begin!"

From Steve: "OK that was Denise now it’s my turn. As always the trip as a whole was great. The Cheng Ho is not for everybody hence the Cheng slow talk, but for me it is perfect. I love a wooden boat. It is more of what a boat should be. You feel every creak and groan the old girl gives out. You just don't get that on a steel or fiberglass hull. The food on board was great for me. Tasted good and what seemed to be a never ending supply. Maybe I am easy to please but I was at home onboard even with breaking a toe on the second day. All the other trips that were put together were great. My butt still hurts from the bike ride but still well worth it. Thanks a bunch!"

Denise & Steve- September 2009