Nautilus Explorer, Mexcio

My trip was fantastic!!  Great Shark activity.  Only 1 lady shark, which was disappointing, but the big males were out in force and very cheeky, bumping the cages and checking us out very closely. Very curious. The water was warmer this year than in 2012 when I went before.  This made it possible to comfortably enjoy back to back stays in the submersible cages, when available. My 1mm suit with heated shirt was perfect.  Only thing I need to remember is to bring kneepads next time as I find myself crawling around the bottom the cage looking for the sharks coming up from the blue.

Our weather could have been better for the many photographers, including me, and the crew who had to stand out in the rain all day some days, as it was always overcast and usually raining. The hot tub got heavy use because there was no sun to warm us up. We celebrated when there were the few sun sightings. While we were on anchor with the cages down, the seas were mostly steady.   I think we caught the very early leading edge of Patricia on the way back and many people were sick. I felt sorry for them while I was enjoying all the scheduled meals!!  The chef put out fantastic meals the entire week, the crew was extremely helpful, dive masters were johnnie on the spot and safety was a priority so I give the entire boat a 5***** rating. The guests were all very nice and made the experience that much better since I was traveling alone.  There were an odd number of single females on the boat so I got a single room to myself.  Very Nice.  Another Amazing Adventures Travel success story.

Kathy C- October 2015