The Archeologist

11 night Archeologist Trip

A 12 day itinerary to explore the most fascinating archaeological sites in Guatemala. Opt for an extension to the Chiapas territory to see the murals of Bonampak and Yaxhilan. Your guides will be different in each site, so you get the information from the experts.Antigua is among the world’s best conserved colonial cities in the Americas. Cobblestone streets, art galleries, coffee shops, colonial architecture and wooden sculptures will make you want to stay a little longer. Your guide will show you the secrets of this town and amazing heritage buildings. He/she will make you understand why Spaniards settle on this valley and the troubles they encountered.The area of Antigua is famous for growing one of the best coffees in Central America.

Next, travel to the archaeological sites. This itinerary covers a range from Pre-Classic, Classic and Post Classic sites. The guides are expertise in each area and will link one city with the other. Copan for instance is known for “The Paris of the Maya, while Tikal is the New York”.

Get to know the Mayas visiting several sites: Yaxha which means emerald green water; is an important ceremonial center. Climb the main pyramid to see the sunset overlooking the lagoons of Yaxha and Sacnab.  And Tikal, an important ceremonial center with the construction of major pyramid and temples Tikal National Park contains some of the most fascinating archaeological remains of the ancient Maya Civilization. Excavated by Pennsylvania University, is the largest excavated site in the American continent.


See the original pieces at the National Archaeology Museum

Visit one of the oldest colonial cities in the Americas

Visit 3 UNESCO world heritage sites

See beautiful and detailed Mayan art in Copan

Sunset at Hacienda San Lucas overlooking the archaeological site

Experience the canon of Rio Dulce on a private boat – see the jungle walls

See the sunset like a Maya astrologist – over the main pyramid

Visit the ancient Tikal, one of the most fascinating archaeological sites

Itinerary In Brief

Day 1 – Welcome to Guatemala City Day

Day 2 – Museums: an introduction to archaeology & textile history

Day 3 – Antigua Half Day Walking Tour & Free Afternoon to explore on your own

Day 4 – Iximche (Post Classic)

Day 5 – Transfer to Copan Village

Day 6 – Copan Tour

Day 7 – Transfer to Rio Dulce stopping at Quirigua archaeological Site

Day 8 – Rio Dulce

Day 9 – Transfer to Peten & Yaxha Sunset

Day 10 – Ceibal

Day 11 – Tikal & flight to Guatemala City

Day 12 – Departure Flight