Stunning trekking routes through the jungles and up volcanoes, world-class white-water rafting, miles of caves to explore, and what seems like a zipline strung between every two trees are just the beginning of an adventure to Guatemala. Paraglide around the high-altitude Lago de Atitlán, scuba dive or try your luck on some good swell on the surfer-friendly Pacific coast. Languidly consider your options while swinging in a hammock with local rum or coffee. The natural beauty of the volcano-ringed Lago de Atitlán has been captivating travelers for centuries. The swimming hole that launched a thousand postcards, Semuc Champey, has to be seen to be believed, and you can dip your toes in both the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea. The dizzying pyramids of Tikal are Guatemala's most famous tourist drawcard. The Maya villages in the highlands, where locals still wear traditional dress, are the most visible indicators of this centuries-old culture. Active souls tend to find their agenda very full once they get to Guatemala.