Tuli Safari Lodge Mashatu

Villa Maya is an open invitation to adventure! Located 15 minutes from Mundo Maya International Airport and 45 minutes from Tikal National Park. The hotel is located within an extensive private natural reserve, on the shores of the Petenchel and Monifata lagoons, where birds of the most varied species live, as well as well as unique flowers and trees.

Villa Maya offers a restaurant and deck, food service to your room, souvenir shop, outdoor pool for adults and children, outdoor gym, beautiful gardens and 15km of nature trails, free wi-fi in public areas, bike rental , a private natural reserve for the conservation and breeding of white-tailed deer, tepezcuintle, bush car and scarlet macaw; ample parking, heliport, tours and transfers. 

The 56 rooms of Villa Maya (43 standard rooms, 3 junior suites, 6 standard cabins and 4 junior suite cabins), are arranged in 10 bungalows of 2 or 3 levels each and 10 individual cabins, all linked by routes and surrounded by beautiful gardens.


Tikal Tours

The city of Tikal was inhabited for nearly 1,500 years, starting in the Mid Preclassic (800 BC), until it was abandoned during the ninth century. The structures and monuments found at this site relate the important role Tikal played in measuring time with the Long Count Calendar, and the commemoration of the beginning of various K´atun periods and of the Bak´tun 9. To this day, Tikal has the oldest Long Count date recorded in the Maya Lowlands (Stela 29, 292 AD), indicating that it was the first or one of the first cities to establish a dynastic government that recorded its rulers in stone stela with hieroglyphic inscriptions. Therefore Tikal recorded a dynastic sequence of 33 successive kings.

Island of Flores

Flores Island in Guatemala is located in Peten, one hour south of Tikal. It is surrounded by the third biggest lake in Guatemala, Lake Peten Itza. The picturesque town of Flores Guatemala offers you the chance to enjoy stunning landscapes, cultural activities, plus, it is the gateway to most of the archaeological Mayan parks around the area.

This quiet Island is one of the 25 most colorful places in the world. It hosts a big concentration of restaurants, cafés and pubs to keep you busy during your stay. Flores is the perfect place to relax for a couple of days, combining it with awesome things to do like exiting excursions to the Crib of the Mayas, one of the biggest civilizations in the history of the world.

Ixpanpajul Natural Park

This exciting tour of the Ixpanpajul Natural Park includes both a walk along suspension bridges and a canopy tour. It's a fun way to experience the outdoors in Guatemala.