The Best of Micronesia- Palau + Yap

1 Trip, 2 Islands, 100+ Dive Sites

Enjoy the best of Micronesia in the year-round diving desinations of Palau and Yap. Experience a week on each island and the best diving in the region. With 26 dives over 14 days, this trip guarantees big animal sitings with shark dives, manta ray dives, visits to shark and manta ray sanctuaries, and wreck dives. In addition, you'll experience the unique island cultures of Palau and Yap. 

7 nights/ 13 dives with Palau Adventures and accommodation at Palau Pacific Resort on Palau
7 nights/ 13 dives at the Manta Ray Bay Resort in Yap

Please inquire for rates and availability.

  • Guaranteed Big Animals
  • Year-Round Diving
  • Shark and Manta Sanctuaries
  • Personal Group Service
  •   – 14 nights / 26 dives
  •   – Shark dives
  •   – Manta Ray dives
  •   – Wreck dives
  •   – Island culture