Dive with Mantas

Thanks to the abundant nutrients the Humboldt current brings, Jun – Oct is not only high season in for Whale Sharks in Galapagos, but is also when thousands of Humpback Whales migrate to the coast. Aug & Sep on the coast is the season for what scientists say is the largest population of giant Pacific Manta Rays in the world. Your base is a charming lodge near Puerto Lopez on the Ecuadorian coastline (near Guayaquil). Stay a few days longer to enjoy all the other activities available in this wonderful region.

Dive with Mantas offers packages of 4-7 nights. On the way out to the dive site, they often stop to watch and photograph Humpback whales breaching, fin slapping, etc. It is very common to see mothers and calves here. Diving tends to be a full day, so add extra days for all the other wonderful activities in this region.
This is the 5 Day / 4 Night itinerary: (best time Aug-Oct)

Day 1: Transfer in to Puerto Lopez. Get settled into your hotel and meet with your dive operator for equipment and briefings.

Day 2: Travel to the Manta dive site spotting Humpback whales on the way.

Day 3: Travel to the Manta dive site spotting Humpback whales on the way.

Day 4: Travel to the Manta dive site spotting Humpback whales on the way.

Day 5: Transfer out. Depending on where you are transferring to and, time permitting, you can avail yourself of any number of additional activities on the coast.

From Marine Biologist, Andrea Marshall
““When the Mantas hear you underwater, they can hear our bubbles, they come in from the deep water and they play with you, sometimes for a half an hour. It’s a really interesting experience to be in the water with such a large animal and have it want to connect with you. They’re not swimming away, they’re swimming to you. So that’s a really incredible experience, I think for anyone, but as a biologist, it’s really great. The Mantas are happy here as they are probably well fed”.