Ecuador & the Galapagos

Ecuador, a small South American country, is home to big attractions. From the colonial capital Quito where the weather is always balmy springtime to the quaint Indian towns, the mountain areas are a feast of cultures and scenery. The Amazon basin has a wealth of flora and fauna, including over 4,500 different orchids, monkeys, parrots, sloths, river dolphins and more bizarre-looking insects that you could ever imagine. The Pacific Coast is a tranquil area with little tourism and gorgeous beaches. Combine all 3 for the ultimate Ecuador adventure.

600 miles off coast of Ecuador lies one of the wonders of the world, the Galapagos Islands. Made famous by Darwin more than 170 years ago, they still amaze even the most veteran traveller – birds so unafraid of humans that you can walk right by them while they are nesting or courting; snorkeling with playful seal pups and penguins; visiting a colony of seals that hang out in mangrove trees; seeing giant tortoises lumber around and all the other wonders that these rugged volcanic islands offer.

The islands are best experienced by boat cruising from one island to another although you can also stay on the main island where there are hotels and dive shops. There are two different types of boats; the naturalist cruises which usually offer a couple of dives during a week’s cruise and the special dive cruises that take on the famous Wolf and Darwin Islands. Here you can expect big fish action and dive every day. We represent dive-dedicated boats, along with a variety of naturalist cruise boats enabling us to find the perfect match for each of our clients.

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