Nortada, Galapagos, Ecuador

The Nortada was great.
A small boat – but a boat designed by divers for divers.
We got 39 dives in during the two week period plus snorkelling with the young sea lions.  We ticked off all the “big stuff”
To enjoy it you need to be an experienced diver. However the Guides were way above average – I was most impressed.
Due to El Nino – water temperatures were significantly higher that expected and the guides felt that visibility and numbers were a bit down compared to other years
Fortunately I am a good sailor - pretty choppy and the boat rolls a lot.
The group got on very well indeed, a great bunch of divers!
Cabin mate Pedro – had done a degree in Dublin in Ireland, same College as me but about 40 years later!
 We all had a really good trip – we won’t forget it. Thank you for your help on this.
David A.- 2015