Galapagos Explorer

Welcome to the Galapagos Explorer. an exclusive 38 m (124 ft) luxury expedition yacht designed to navigate the iconic Galapagos Islands from June 2024.

Isolated 900 km (559 mi) west of Ecuador, the Galapagos Islands is a showcase of biodiversity and unique wildlife species that inspired Darwin’s theory of evolution. Setting course June 2024, our all-new 38 m (124 ft) expedition yacht seeks to exclusively explore the Galapagos’ diverse islands uncovering all its wild creatures. With only 12 guests on board, our elevated guest-to-staff ratio makes the Galapagos Explorer the most exclusive yacht operating in the islands. From tailored dining experiences to curated water and land experiences, our dedicated team continuously goes beyond the expected, offering a level of personalized service and attention to detail like no other.

With expert interpretation from specially trained and dedicated guides, there are two 7-night set departure itineraries available exploring either the east or west islands of the archipelago. From up-close encounters with iconic species such as the giant Galapagos tortoise and blue-footed boobies to snorkeling in pristine waters teeming with endemic marine life, every voyage is a thrilling adventure of exploration and discovery.

On board the Galapagos Explorer, natural materials and rich textures celebrating local culture harmonize to create a warm and welcoming atmosphere, with wooden accents and neutral colors seen throughout. Panoramic floor-to-ceiling windows fill the spacious guest areas with natural light, providing breathtaking views of the ever-changing landscapes and wildlife wonders of the Galapagos. Indoor and outdoor dining and lounge areas ensure guests are spoilt for choice. While the yacht’s al fresco sundeck located on the uppermost deck boasts a decadent hot tub and comfortable lounge area ideal for whiling away the afternoon. Meticulously appointed air conditioned accommodation includes four beautiful cabins and two exquisite suites, featuring either portholes or windows. Ensuite bathrooms with luxurious showers and vanities complete the space.

Revel in personalized luxury, where intimate spaces and attentive service redefine expedition yacht sailing standards. With only 12 guests on board, with an elevated crew-to-guest ratio, expect an ocean voyage tailored to your interests, marked by genuine care. The Galapagos Explorer comprises 4 Decks. The lower deck (Deck 1) consists of two Luxury Cabins and one Superior Suite. The middle deck (Deck 2) features two Luxury View Cabins, an indoor guest dining and lounge area as well as an outdoor, shaded lounge area. The yacht’s upper deck (Deck 3) includes the Deluxe View Suite plus a spacious al fresco deck, bar and guest dining area. To round off the experience, the yacht’s uppermost deck (Deck 4) boasts a sundeck with a hot tub and comfortable sun loungers that overlook panoramic vistas.

Two cabins on the lower deck with portholes and ensuite bathrooms. 


Two cabins on the middle deck 2 with windows and ensuite bathrooms.


One suite on loser deck 1 with port and starboard portholes and 2 ensuite bathrooms.


One suite on the upper deck 3 with massive window views and double ensuite bathroom.

Snorkel alongside playful sea lion and penguin, witness the timeless dance of giant tortoises and explore pristine volcanic landscapes. Each island presents a unique experience, from the vibrant marine life of Española to the dramatic vistas of Bartolomé.

Galapagos Explorer East

An unparalleled 7-night set departure journey discovering the enchanting eastern islands of this magnificent archipelago.

Embark on an unforgettable adventure through the Galapagos Islands, where nature reigns supreme. Spot the blue-footed boobies of North Seymour, navigate the otherworldly volcanic landscapes of San Cristóbal, and marvel at the waved albatross courtship rituals on Española. Hike alongside land iguanas on Floreana, witness the giant tortoises of Santa Cruz, and snorkel amongst playful sea lions and penguins off the coast of Bartolomé. This island-hopping adventure will unveil the unique ecosystems and captivating wildlife that make the Galapagos a true treasure trove of biodiversity.

7 nights on board Galapagos Explorer

Best of Galapagos West

An immersive 7-night set departure journey exploring the captivating western islands of this remarkable archipelago.

Explore the enchanting wildlife and unique landscapes of the Galapagos Islands on this island-hopping adventure. Encounter giant tortoises on Santa Cruz, marine iguanas in Santiago, and playful sea lions on Rabida. Hike volcanic landscapes on Fernandina and Isabela, spot unique birds on Santa Fe, and witness the stark, breathtaking beauty of South Plaza. This 8-day itinerary promises close encounters with the Galapagos’ most incredible and unique creatures as well as diverse ecosystems. 7 nights on board the Galapagos Explorer