Imagine a magical world of soaring frigate birds, lumbering tortoises, frolicking sea lions and sleek sharks. Imagine cruising through cerulean waters on a luxurious, intimate yacht with your significant other, family or friends. The Endemic can make this a reality!

Picture a deluxe cabin, spacious and inviting as warm sea breezes blow in gently from the balcony. The staff is courteous and professional, the naturalist guide is knowledgeable and friendly and the chef somehow sends one masterpiece after another out of the kitchen.

It is not only the newest catamaran cruiser in the Enchanted Islands but also the most luxurious. The outer design is sleek, streamlined and attractive: the gentle curves of the hull and decks make the Endemic looks like part of the unique Galapagos ecosystem.

The Galapagos Cruise Experience on the Endemic Cabins on a luxury catamaran like the Galapagos Endemic are typically much larger than cabins on old-fashioned single-hulled yachts, and ours have been created by professional designers with shipboard experience for maximum comfort and elegance. Each cabin has personalized air conditioning control, a balcony, spacious private bathroom and either a king-size bed or two twin-size beds. Naturally, each cabin also boasts closet/drawer space as well as a writing desk and strongbox.

Category Luxury

Length 35 metres
Beam 115 ft / 14 metres
Draft 45 ft
Draft to Baseline 1.85 mt / 6.1 ft

Crew 10 members + Cruise Service Officer + Guide Capacity 16 passengers

Speed 12 knots Propulsion 2 x

High Power Engines – 500 HP

Accommodations: Suites Size (including balcony) 32 mt2/ 344 ft2 Golden Suites location 4 suites – Main Deck 4 suites – Upper Deck Single cabin location 1 cabin – Upper Deck Single cabin size (including balcony) 14 mt2/ 151 ft2

Electricity 110 V and 220 V

The M/C Endemic features three decks fully dedicated to our passengers’ comfort and safety MAIN DECK Our main deck features: Front observation platform and briefing area on the bow. Four private, ample and panoramic suites with balcony. Cutting edge interior spaces such as dining and living rooms with panoramic views of the islands. In the stern we have two non-slip access platforms, reception area, snack counter, expedition gear storage rooms and freshen up area.

Upper Deck
The Upper Deck has a sun terrace with upfront view of navigation through the islands. A single cabin with balcony and Captain’s cabin, plus four airy panoramic suites with balconies. Shaded secluded spot for relaxation, wildlife observation, reading and enjoyment. Private settings will be arranged in this area for guests with special demands or passengers celebrating an important occasion.

Sky Deck
Up on the Sky Deck we feature a shaded al fresco dining area, sky lounge, bar and jacuzzi. Spacious seating areas and sun chairs. BBQ station, bathroom and food elevator for warm and fresh meals. Amazing views and sunsets are part of our Sky deck.

Itinerary A 
8 Days/7 Nights SANTA CRUZ, GENOVESA, SANTIAGO, ISABELA, FERNANDINA, RABIDAThis 8 day cruise combines two amazing islands, Genovesa (north-eastern island) and Isabela (western island). During this tour we will also visit the red sand beach on Rabida island and Charles Darwin’s favorite island, Santiago.

Itinerary B
This week-long cruise features visits to most of the islands (10 in total). During these 8 days, the boat navigates southeast within the archipelago to visit Española island, Kicker Rock and then moves on to the central islands.

Itinerary C 
5 Days/4 Nights Española, San Cristobal, Santa Cruz, Santa Fe, South Plaza
Cruise itineraries of 6 day, 5 day and 4 day cruises are also available. The 6 day cruise goes from Genovesa in the north to Floreana in the south. These short cruises are ideal to combine with any tour in mainland Ecuador.

Itinerary D
4 Days/3 Nights Bartolome, Floreana, Mosquera Islet, North Seymour, Santiago

Itinerary E
6 Days/5 Nights Bartolome, Chinese Hat, Floreana, Genovesa, Mosquera Islet, North Seymour, Santa Cruz, Santiago

Itinerary F
6 Days/5 Nights Fernandina, Isabela, Mosquera Islet, Rabida, Santiago



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