Nicaragua lures travelers with offerings of volcanic landscapes, colonial architecture, stunning undeveloped beaches and pristine forests that range from breathtaking to downright incredible. Whether it's dipping your toes into the Caribbean or paddling out to the crashing waves of the pounding Pacific, Nicaragua's beaches always deliver the goods. The clear waters of the Corn Islands are superb for diving and snorkeling. More sedentary beach bums can choose between accessible slices of sand lined with fine restaurants and happening bars.

Nicaragua's great outdoors are relatively untamed making this so-called 'land of lakes and volcanoes' a fantastic place for an independent adventure. New experiences to check off your list may include surfing down an active volcano, diving into underwater caves, canoeing through alligator-infested wetlands, swimming across sea channels between tiny white-sand islands and exploring Spanish fortresses in the middle of the jungle.

Nicaragua's colonial splendor comes in two distinct, but equally appealing, flavors. The elegant streetscapes of Granada, Nicaragua's best-preserved colonial town, have been entrancing travelers for centuries with their architectural grace. Rent a 4WD vehicle to access some of the less-traveled corners of the country and forge onward to discover remote indigenous communities, overgrown pre-Columbian ruins and untouched rainforests. No matter how far you go, you'll always find friendly locals willing to share their culture with visitors.

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