Jicaro Island Lodge

Jicaro Island Lodge is Nicaragua's best luxury nature resort, located on a private island in the Granada Isletas of Lake Nicaragua. A member of the exclusive National Geographic Unique Lodges of the World, our five-star hotel is located just a short boat ride from the colonial town of Granada with spectacular views of the Mombacho Volcano across the lake. Nine luxury casitas provide the perfect setting for romantic escapes, honeymoons, tours, and activities as well as wellness and yoga retreats. Immerse yourself in a magical island resort experience filled with peace and tranquility.

At Jicaro Lodge hotel you stay in your own luxury two storey house, a ‘casita’, raised up above the ground like a tree house. The nine casitas on the island all have lake views and are only a short walk from the pool, restaurant, and wellness center. You can relax in the private space of your casita with its views of Lake Nicaragua or join other guests in the communal areas.

Each of the resorts nine casitas are individual two-story houses. There is a private bedroom with a king size bed on the second floor. On the first floor, a spacious living area connects to an outside deck overlooking the lake. The casitas and the furniture are made locally from Rainforest Alliance certified wood. Most notably, the oversized hammock and comfy furniture of the deck will invite you to relax and feel the peace of this magical lake. Early morning coffee and late afternoon 'sundowner' delivery service is available upon request.

Each casita is raised above the ground so as not to disturb the natural form of the island, so the feeling is like living in a treehouse suspended amongst the foliage of the islands many trees. Cross ventilation plus ceiling fans and shade from the trees keep the casitas cool without the need for air conditioning; keeping you cool without warming the planet.

Jicaro is a place where you can find the perfect combination of relaxation and exploration. After a day of lounging in your private hammock or indulging in a rejuvenating massage in our wellness center, you might want to adventure out on one of our signature tours. Tours offer varied activities ranging from easy to challenging, and are all accompanied by a private guide who will teach you about local flora and fauna, as well as Nicaraguan history, culture and day-to-day living. *Extra charge may apply.

Plantations, Tropical Forests, & Hot Springs
The Departure time is right after breakfast and takes a short boat ride to the foot of the Mombacho Volcano, which can be seen from the island. Take a 2-hour hike from the Calera farm through plantain and stretches of tropical dry forests   where you can observe the local flora and fauna. Our expert guide will interpret not only the forest but also the cultural implications of farming on Mombacho, which dates back to colonial times. After taking a hike you’ll enjoy a picnic and you can jump into the hot spring. After you relax in the warm water take 25 minutes hike until you catch the boat back to the hotel. This is a nice experience that you cannot miss while you are staying at Jicaro Island Ecolodge.

Sunrise or Sunset Kayaking
Yes, we are on an island, and the best way to get around is in a kayak. Paddle out in our kayaks and explore the wonderful ecosystem that surrounds our Ecolodge. Our experienced guide will help you learn about the natural history of the islands, their importance and the theory of how they were formed according to scientific and ancient knowledge. At some point we will pass by a narrow canal in between islands where water lilies are abundant. These floating plants are part of a special ecosystem that provides food and nesting for different birds.

Bird Watching Tour
Awaken to a fresh breezes from the island winds or enjoy some of the most beautiful sunsets, late in the afternoon before dusk, and join us in this kayaking trip to discover where birds live, nest and visit our lake. The tour starts by exploring the islands nearby and then heads to the peninsula to continue the search. You might find interesting birds like Montezuma’s Oropendula, Ringed Kingfisher, Purple Gallinule, and Northern Jacana amongst many others. Our guide will help you to identify all the birds observed on the tour. Don’t forget to bring the bird flash card from your casita and your binoculars; if you don’t have your own ask for them at the office.

Islands Boat Tour
Would you like to explore more than one hundred islands in two hours?  Come and join us in this relaxing and unique tour where you can appreciate many beautiful islands and pristine landscapes. For this tour we pack a cooler with drinks that you can enjoy while observing the views. Towels will be available in the boat if you want to jump out and take a swim in the fresh and warm water of our lake. 

Ziplining Canopy Tour
Have you ever wondered what a bird feels like when it flies over the canopy? Take part in this exceptional ziplining adventure and find out. At your convenience, take our boat to the main port, where our car will take you to Canopy Miravalle located just 25 minutes away. Once you get there, the experienced guides will prepare your harnesses for this exciting ride. Follow their instructions and ride on the first of eleven cables. Once you feel confident, ask the guides for tricks like zipping upside down or flying like superman!

Full Day Tour of Mombacho & Ziplining
If you feel adventurous and want to do something challenging then, this is the one for you! Spend the day in Mombacho natural reserve and take a 2 ½ hour hike up and down the mountain. Climb to “La Roca” Lookout to appreciate one of the most beautiful views of Granada’s Islands, Zapatera and the volcanoes in Lake Nicaragua. Feel the breeze, enjoy nature and make sure to take a break, enjoy a hearty picnic lunch and get ready for your next adventure… The ziplining tour, let go and fly over the canopy trees using the 11 different stations. 

Artisanal Fishing
During your stay at Jicaro you will notice fishermen in their wooden boats using fishing lines or nets to catch fish. Have you ever imagined yourself fishing in this mystical way? If the answer is yes, we invite you to be part of this unique experience where you’ll learn diverse techniques used in artisanal fishing. You’ll float around the beautiful “isletas” in search of the perfect fish and learn from your captain about life on these little islands. If you catch a good fish like tilapia, snook or rainbow bass, you can bring it back home to the lodge and our Chef will be glad to prepare it for your next meal!

Volcan Mombacho (cloud forest)
Leave the hotel after breakfast and take a hike in the Mombacho Volcano Natural Reserve. Take a ride from Granada to the foot of Mombacho Volcano to start this adventure in a 4x4. Then stop at the half point at a coffee farm to enjoy a cup of coffee. Once at the top of the volcano, visit the biological station to gather information about this cloud forest. Walk into the forest on “El Crater, Tigrillo or Puma Trail” and observe dense vegetation where trees are covered by many kinds of plants like orchids and bromeliads. Our guide will lead you through the trail and will help you to identify the flora and fauna.

Granada City Tour
Join us in exploring and discovering the famous city of Granada, the oldest colonial city in mainland America. Granada was established by the Spaniard Francisco Hernandez de Cordoba and is considered one of the prettiest cities in Latin America. We will visit relevant sites and colonial buildings as well as the San Francisco Museum, which preserves some of the most interesting indigenous ceramic and statue collections. Our guide will take you into the past to learn about all the issues that involved Granada’s development since the pre-Columbian period. You will hear stories about real pirates and their adventures and also civil war stories that tell of the city being burned to ashes, sacked and destroyed several times.

Masaya Volcano National Park
Visit the most popular active volcano in Nicaragua…at night!  Located in Masaya city, you will see a spectacular and unforgettable view of the Masaya Volcano National Park with its stunning and active Santiago Crater. It’s one of the few places in the world where such an active volcano can be observed up close.  Our tour guide will explain about various themes in geology, history, volcanology and ecology. There is no hiking as part of this tour!

Classic Masaya and Catarina Tour
This is an unforgettable day in rural Nicaragua! We begin the day by visiting the Masaya Volcano National Park, with the stunning and active Santiago crater.  It’s one of the few places in the world where such an active volcano can be observed up close.  We will also visit the ecological museum, where our guide will explain about various themes in geology, history, volcanology and ecology. Next, we will visit Nicaragua's most popular open-air handcraft market located in Masaya, where Nicaraguan crafts can be purchased. We will then drive to Catarina, one of the famous traditional towns where ornamental plants and flowers are grown. Here, you will enjoy impressive panoramic views over the Apoyo Lagoon and surrounding region. Before returning to Jicaro, we’ll pass by San Juan de Oriente and observe artisans making their famous and beautiful pottery.

Horseback Riding
The Departure time is right after breakfast or in the evening and includes a short boat ride to the port where our transportation will take you to the stable in Granada; Take a 1 ½ hour horseback excursion through little patch of secondary tropical forest  where you can observe the local flora and fauna and agricultural lands. Our guide will help you to interpret the forest and cultural implications of farming on the pacific side of Nicaragua. On the half way we stop to have a spectacular view of Apoyo and then you can walk down to swim in the brackish water of the lake. After a break, get ready to come back to the city.  This tour is unique and an absolute must do to experience a sense of place during your stay at Jicaro Walking to Apoyo Lagoon takes between 50 minutes down and uphill and it is an option.

Masaya Volcano, Handicraft Market & Apoyo Lagoon Adventure
If you want to see one of the most active volcanoes in Nicaragua, there is nothing better than visiting Masaya Volcano National Park, with the amazing and active Santiago crater!  

It’s one of the few places in the world where such an active volcano can be observed up close.  We will also visit the ecological museum. Next, we will visit Nicaragua's most popular open-air handcraft market located in the city of Masaya, where Nicaraguan crafts can be purchased. After that you will visit  the Apoyo Lagoon natural reserve considered to be one of the places with the cleanest and deepest water in Nicaragua. There you can swim into the warm water and have a relaxing time.

Cerro Negro and Leon City Tour
In the morning we will drive to Leon City, the former capital of Nicaragua. On the way you will see beautiful views of Lake Managua, the impressive Momotombo volcano and by its side Momotombito, many agriculture fields and cattle farms. Trying a quesillo is something you must do in a traditional Nica Restaurant, authentic and delicious!  At our arrival to   Cerro Negro Volcano, a local guide will be waiting to provide information about the area and characteristics of the terrain, climbing, equipment and gear to enjoy this unforgettable adventure. Once at the top, the view is amazing, but the most exciting part is surfing down the black sand! Then we drive to León, here we will visit the Cathedra, World Heritage Site (UNESCO) and do some sightseen in the city and its historical center. A tasty lunch by the beach is included with fresh fruits of the sea in front of the Pacific Ocean and the chance to wash away the black sand from surfing. Enjoy the sunset and get ready to drive back. 

Matagalpa Tour
Early in the early morning, we will drive to the city of Matagalpa located in the North of the Country. It is one of the best places for coffee and you will see numerous coffee plantations.  After passing through the city, you will reach the famous lodge of Selva Negra. When we arrive we will start with a walking tour under the tropical forest to learn more about the lush vegetation and biodiversity, and with a little luck you will be able to observe the rich bird life and discover the rural life of the area.  Lunch will be enjoyed in front of a lake at the lodge so you can admire the amazing nature.  Then, on the way back, we will visit Matagalpa city knows as the “Perla del Septentrion” because of its natural features as well as the "Capital of Production" for its varied agricultural and commercial activity. Finishing, we will return to Granada city.

VIP Flor de Cana and Leon City Tour
Learn about the history and the process of Flor de Caña, the famous Nicaraguan rum. Take a tour of six places on the factory premises, accompanied by an expert to hear about world-class rum and sample its unique taste. You will get to know the family reserve where the finest rums are tasted and visit the aging room where the rum acquires its characteristics of color, aroma and flavor. Having enjoyed one of the most awarded rums in the world; continue to the city of León for its beautiful colonial architecture, history, culture and more.

Sustainability Tour
Did you ever wonder what’s going on behind the curtains of an eco-lodge? How is the water from the lake processed into a drinkable freshwater resource? What happens to the grey water; where does it go? And where do the leftovers from our meals end up? If you are interested in these kinds of questions, please join our sustainability tour of the island, where you will get exclusive insights into everything that’s happening in the background. You will be able to excess some of the staff - only areas and will see and hear about processes that you probably did not even notice before. 

For further insights into our sustainability efforts, we can also arrange trips for you to our neighboring islands where we are involved in projects, such as the generation of biogas and the support of an impoverished, local elementary school.

Romantic Dinner on Floating Deck
Enjoy a new experience with your partner and end your day with a candlelight dinner on the lake atop our floating dock. A romantic option that could definitely be one of the highlights of your stay at Jicaro.


It is easy to get to Jicaro. The hotel can arrange to pick you up at the Managua International Airport, at any other hotel in Nicaragua or even across the border at the Liberia Airport in Costa Rica. From the Managua International Airport, it takes about an hour to get to the Colonial town of Granada. From here, it is another 10 minute ride to the Asese port where you take a 15 minute boat ride to Jicaro Island.

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