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Hawaii might not be the undiscovered paradise, but it is a paradise nevertheless. If you want to have a party spot with a great selection of restaurants, bars and nightclubs, head for Waikiki Beach on Oahu. If you are intrigued by volcanoes and like hiking, the Big Island is your choice. For the nature lover, Kauai is a must with its gorgeous lush green slopes. Maui is where you will find the most exclusive resorts to pamper you, and many others with a smaller price tag.

All the islands share the excellent weather, gorgeous beaches, the tropical landscape, and the wonderful underwater life. To get the best out of Hawaii’s diving, go onboard the Kona Aggressor departing from the Big Island. Underwater, you can expect lava tubes, crates, arches and a variety of colorful tropical marine creatures such as turtles, mantas, frogfish, butterfly fish and much more. Above water, the service is excellent and the accommodations very comfortable.

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