United States

United States of America

From the Rocky’s jagged mountains to the cliff-lined golden Californian beaches to roaring rivers from West to East, the United States boasts adventure destinations for every kind of nature lover and outdoor enthusiast. The canyons, steaming hot springs, serpentine slopes of powder and dense mahogany forests in between make for endless awe-inspiring experiences. Our vast precious National Parks are miles of pure, unadulterated natural beauty. Mountains, forests, waterfalls—you can find it all within the boundaries of our protected parks.

For divers, the Hawaiian islands boast excellent tropical weather, gorgeous beaches  and wonderful underwater life. To get the best out of Hawaii’s diving, go onboard the Kona Aggressor departing from the Big Island. Underwater, you can expect lava tubes, crates, arches and a variety of colorful tropical marine creatures such as turtles, mantas, frogfish, butterfly fish and much more. Above water, the service is excellent and the accommodations very comfortable.