Diving & Hiking the Galapagos with Amos!

Trips to Galapagos usually force you to choose between land and sea, but if you join Amos on this unique Big Animals expedition to one of the most significant UNESCO World Heritage Sites on Earth, then you will get to experience the best of both worlds. We make this possible for you through a strong collaborative relationship with the most knowledgeable team on the islands guided by the steady and innovative leadership of the incomparable Fiddi Angermeyer. His family members were some of the first colonizers of the islands, and he has lived on Galapagos his entire life. There is no one more intimately familiar with these islands both topside and underwater than Fiddi, and he will be accompanying us to make sure we have a truly epic voyage on board the Passion for 2 weeks!

This archipelago and its many volcanic islands traversing both sides of the equator are all impacted by three powerful and opposing currents creating the unique and wondrous laboratory of life both on land and underwater that is Galapagos. The islands north of the equator are affected by the warm Panama Current, the islands below it are shaped by the cold Humboldt Current arriving from Antarctica, and the western islands feel the effects of the Western Pacific Current.
Who is Amos? Amos Nachoum is both a master of photographing big animal behavior while guiding the small groups of adventurers who accompany him on his expeditions. He free dives with blue whales off the Eastern Pacific, scuba dives in the Okavango delta with crocodiles and goes face to face with the great white shark. One of only five people ever to swim and photograph polar bears underwater… More people were on the moon (12). Since 1980, he has taken over 5,000 people to explore every significant body of water (and land too) from the North Pole to Antarctica. Joining Amos is a life changing experience!


Dive, hike and photograph the Galapagos for 2 weeks!
Expedition Leaders: Amos Nachoum
Date: Sep 15-30, 2025
Rate: Contact us for rates & availability.

Special Permits on board: Luxury Yacht: Passion
Skippered by the legend: Fiddi Angermeyer

Land exploration

Diving, including Wolf/ Darwin

13 days at sea

10 guests per trip