Mantas of Yap

MantaFest - Yap

Join a 4, 7 or 14 night trip to Yap to dive with the Mantas and other marine life while honing your photo skills. Hosted by Manta Ray Bay Hotel, there will be multiple educational and fun photo workshops undersea and on land.  There will be a photo contest with many different categories at the end with amazing prizes. On Manta Dives, we dive to a cleaning station and remain stationary at the bottom, and the Mantas come to us.

The Mantas approach, more often than not two or three at a time, and hover at the cleaning station. The Cleaning Wrasse get into the action and nibble away at parasites in the gills and on the skin, getting a free meal while the Manta gets rid of uninvited and irritating guests.

The Mantas will be as close as a few feet from the divers, and the action often goes on for quite some time. The shallow depth and the divers remaining stationary at the cleaning station allows for extended dive times, a typical dive can last 55 to 75 minutes with several Mantas or groups of Mantas being “serviced” at arms length – cleaning station encounters are outstanding for photography. This is an experience that cannot be put in words. This is fun-filled annual event in Yap, not to be missed!


MantaFest Yap is Back!

Date & Rates: 2024 TBD