Sperm Whales of Dominica

With over 21 years of experience with the sperm whales in Dominica, this region is considered to be the very best place for up-close encounters with the largest toothed whales on earth! Dominica is home to over 200 resident sperm whales. The whales are in Dominica all year round, and Dominica has the most social groups, who are used to human presence, offering exceptional interactions. The blue waters are another draw for many, as it much easier to get fantastic footage and photos of these amazing whales.

These are snorkel trips, as it’s near-impossible to scuba dive with any sort of whales since they move quite quickly. You should have snorkeling experience and understand that there is a lot of swimming involved on these tours.

These 7-night trips happen in Nov-Apr with a maximum of 6 guests (3 in the water at a time as per local regulations). Your base will be the wonderful Fort Young Hotel.

* Contact us for available dates & rates. (SDLEx)


The deep waters off Dominica are home to nearly 200 resident sperm whales. These whales live in Dominica year round, in the warm, crystal-clear waters. These 7-night trips take a maximum of six clients, offering more intimate experiences with these whales. Dominica is the absolute best place in the world to see sperm whales in the water. Trips happen Nov-Apr.