Wild Dolphin Snorkel Adventure

There is a very special group of Atlantic spotted dolphin living on the edge of the Bahama Banks around Bimini Island. These dolphins have developed a unique bond with the humans. A voluntary relationship based on play and curiosity has developed over the years, never reinforced with hand- feeding or training. This has given us the chance to learn from the dolphins in their world and on their terms. Spotted Dolphins are fun loving sea mammals that are intelligent, friendly, and playful. Interacting with these wild dolphin is spiritually communicating with a highly intelligent being using body language. Possible they have been trying to interact with humans for centuries, but it has been only in the past few decades that humans have started to look at them as intelligent complex individuals.

So, what is it like to swim with a wild dolphin? In a word - incredible! For many people it is a very personal event, for some it can be a life-changing experience. There is very little doubt when you look into a dolphins eye there is someone intelligent looking back. In the water you can hear the dolphins communicating with whistles and echolocating with clicks and a humming sound you can feel as a tingling sensation. Graceful, fast and highly maneuverable, they are perfectly adapted to their liquid environment. Snorkeling and free diving during wild dolphin encounters you glide along side by side. Mimicking each others moves. A few of them will instigate tactile interaction with humans. They will rub along side of you or touch you with a fin. Some of these enjoy a gentle rub. Most of the dolphin prefers if you swim with your arms down at your sides and not reaching out for them. So they can swim shoulder to shoulder with you. Their eye to eye contact is hypnotic. These wild spotted dolphins come to play with us of their own free will. It is a natural encounter with wild dolphins that are in complete control of the interaction. They can appear or disappear at anytime. Dolphin encounters can last from a few minutes to several hours each.

A live aboard boat is the best way to get the ultimate in wild dolphin experiences. The live aboard experience is where you sleep, eat and swim from the boat, similar to a cruise ship only much smaller and much more personal. The dolphins live in the ocean, so for the best encounter you should live on the ocean in a comfortable and safe boat. Imagine waking up in the morning and going to bed at night with dolphins swimming around the boat. The Dolphin Dream is the only operator who offers night time dolphin encounters. Snorkeling with dolphins at night while they feed under twelve 500 watt lights on the boat.


Join us for a trip of lifetime aboard M/V Dolphin Dream for epic wild dolphin encounters.

Most trips are 7/day-6/night trips, board Saturday afternoon and return Friday morning, unless otherwise stated. Departing and returning from West Palm Beach, Florida.

May 4-10, 2024
May 11-23, 2024
May 25-31, 2024
Jun 8-14, 2024
Jun 15-21, 2024
Jul 27-Aug 2, 2024
Aug 3-9, 2024
Aug 10-16, 2024
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