Dolphin Dream

The "Dolphin Dream" is an 83' x 26' ocean expedition charter yacht. She is designed to ride the sea in comfort, safety and style. One of our long time customers even said "she's more stable than the larger aggressor boats". Built and equipped well above any safety standards for the size vessel. She has twin engines that are only six years old. There are five spacious cabins with full size upper and lower bunk beds and one large cabin with a double bed, for a maximum of 12 clients. The salon and cabins are located aft of center line, the most comfortable place in a boat. The salon has four benches and four chairs surrounding two tables for dining. The galley and salon are separated by a serving counter. There is a drink bar with a refrigerator, ice maker, coffee pots and a sink. There is room for cameras on shelves with electric and below the benches. There is a 27” TV, DVD/VCR, stereo, book and video library. Three heads with showers, an outside shower and plenty of freshwater.

The back deck has tables for cameras, fresh water rinse hose, aquarium, fishing equipment and the stairs to the upper deck. The large built in platform has the scuba tanks and benches. The water is just a short distance for entrance and a ladder to climb out on. There are big flood lights that shine into the water for night swims or dives.

The upper deck has the dingy ( for rescues or shore excursions ), gear storage boxes, a sundeck for sunbathing, and a covered deck to stay out of the sun with plenty of space for dolphin watching. The large bow fore deck has plenty of space for dolphin watching.

Life on board is informal and relaxing, comfortable and clean. While enjoying your solitude, you will encounter a stress free atmosphere where dressing down is encouraged and world news is only in the back of your mind. The days are spent experiencing nature and our nights are spent anchored under the stars. We avoid the tourist traps unless requested.

Meals onboard include outstanding home-style cooking. Breakfast, lunch, and dinner are prepared fresh, while snacks including fruit, nuts, and sweets are always available. Just think... you're on vacation, you don't even have to do dishes. Refreshments such as ice water, juices, coffee, hot and cold tea, and lemonade are included. Notify us ahead of time and we can accommodate any special dietary needs.

The vessel is manned by two licensed captains, a cook and a mate all trained to give the safest and funnest service. Safety is our number one priority, particularly when your in the water. At all times there are two crew on the boat watching, in case anybody has a problem while swimming. There is always one crew in the water with you while swimming.

The Dream Team offer you the best, and the most frequent wild dolphin encounters in the world. We must stress that all our dolphin adventures are with wild dolphin, therefore we cannot predict specific times or length of encounters. These details are left entirely to the dolphins. However here is a rough guide to a typical week. If you charter the whole boat as a group, you can of course create your own trip itinerary.

Day 1
Saturday, check in between 4.00pm-7.00pm. Time to unpack, and familiarize yourself with your floating home for the week. You are free to leave for dinner. When you return an orientation will be given on emergency procedures and information to ensure you get the fullest enjoyment from of your adventure. We depart Palm Beach late Saturday evening for our overnight cruise to 'The Bahama Islands'.

Day 2
Wake up to breakfast in the beautiful Bahamas. As soon as Bahamas customs and immigration open at 9.00am your captain will get the paperwork completed, soon after we are on our way. This morning we head North toward the dolphin grounds, stopping off along the way to swim, snorkel or scuba dive(if you choose), on ancient wrecks or colorful reefs teaming with life. We often come across huge turtles, rays, flying fish, large game fish and other open ocean wonders whilst cruising. We frequently snorkel & dive with large friendly turtles. Be ready with camera and fins, we can come across playful spotted or bottlenose dolphin at anytime.When the dolphin find us, we watch from the bow for a while, for photos and video. If they stay we get in for a swim. the encounters' length is entirely up to the dolphins. Encounters have been known to last from a few minutes to several hours. After an encounter, there is no way to predict the next, it may be only minuets before the dolphin are back, or it may be longer! The prime dolphin ground is an ocean paradise named 'White Sand Ridge'. The depth here is between 15-30ft(5-10m). The water temperature ranges from mid to high 80's(27c) in summer, to mid 70's(20c) in winter. The water is crystal clear with a white sandy bottom. From the deck the scenic stripes of turquoise saffire and azure blue meander across the surface of the ocean. This phenomenal setting adds to the magic of the amazing dolphin encounters. In the evening we anchor up in a calm safe area for dinner and overnight. Stargazing is another wonderful pastime to enjoy during your nights onboard.

Day 3 +4 +5
In the dolphin grounds. As yesterday we will swim with the dolphins when they come to play. Between dolphin encounters you can do a number of fun things. You may choose to relax and conserve energy, for the next encounter - our top deck is great for sunbathing. Listen to some music, make new friends, read, watch a documentary, or a movie on video. You may want to try your hand at deep-sea fishing. Of course stops will be made for swimming, snorkeling and scuba diving(if you wish). You can also savor the delicious meals on board, some mouthwateringly enjoyable moments. Maybe you would like to try a nighttime scuba dive. The water temperature at night is the same as in the day. If we're lucky, we may experience a night dolphin encounter, a magical occurrence…The stuff of dreams.

Day 6
This morning we will once again explore the ocean environment, spending the first part of the morning in the dolphin grounds. Late morning we may head into deeper waters, stopping off on the way as usual for anything interesting, plus swimming snorkeling etc. Again, we may see dolphin at any time. Today could be the day for any of you daring scuba divers to try our amazing shark dive, it's also the day we arrive back into Grand Bahama island. Anyone wishing to souvenir shop or explore Grand Bahama can do so. We clear Bahamas customs and immigration late Thursday, and cruise overnight to Palm Beach.

Day 7
A light continental style breakfast will be served this morning. After clearing US immigration and customs at the Port of Palm Beach we dock back at the marina for your disembarkation, around 9.30-10.00am.






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