Amun Ini Beach Resort

Amun Ini is set on a vast lush property in the municipality of Anda, Bohol province. The resort provides a breathtaking view of a crystal clear blue sea and white sand private beach. The waters around Amun Ini boast of a 15 kilometer long coral reef, offering endless attractions for snorkeling and diving enthusiasts. The resort has a total of 16 spacious rooms, all with wonderful outdoor terraces with a sea view and a pebble floor that massage your feet as you walk over it. The rooms have king sized beds with fluffy oversized pillows, a mini bar, and comfortable contemporary furniture. The spacious bathrooms have modern toilet and bath fixtures with pocket gardens beside the shower area. You may keep in touch with the world through the internet connection and cable TV in the privacy of your own  room.

Dining at Amun Ini is a treat. Using mostly locally obtained ingredients, the chefs have created a menu that pleases the most discerning diner.  The resort’s very own private white sand beach stretches almost 300 meters from end to end so there’s more than enough sand and sun for all. You can go snorkeling or diving in the house reef directly in front of the cove. Or, simply relax in a hammock sipping a drink made from coconuts harvested from the trees right on the beach.

Located in the center of what is known as the coral triangle, Bohol is a diver’s paradise. The coral triangle is the global center of marine biodiversity, which contains the countries of Indonesia, Papua New Guinea, and the Philippines. This area of the world contains 76% of the world’s coral species, 6 of the world’s 7 marine turtle species, and over 2,000 reef fish species. Bohol Island, being located in the northern corner of the coral triangle, puts you in one of the highest marine biodiversity hot spots in the world.

You can also go on nature walks, paddle board, kayak, snorkel, mountain bike and hike.  You may opt for a relaxing cruise on a motorized outrigger boat anywhere along the Anda shoreline. Join a tour to the famous Chocolate Hills and on the Loboc River to see how the local Boholians live. After a day of adventure, be sure to check out the resort’s spa at the resort for treatments deeply ingrained in the native Filipino tradition.

Amun Ini is a scenic 90 minute drive from Bohol Island’s airport at Tagbilaran. Many flights each day connect the domestic airport in Manila to Tagbilaran. There’s also a fast ferry service 45 minutes away from Cebu City International Airport.

Coral nursery

Amun Ini’s house reef is an area of Anda that has fallen victim to heavy fishing activity in the past and therefore, to expedite the growth of these corals the resort is in the early stages of building a coral nursery. They will gather coral fragments and attach them to a manmade substrate which will allow the coral to grow healthy and large. Regular maintenance is required to ensure the coral successfully grows and becomes a place for fish and invertebrates to seek shelter, feed and reproduce. This is why Amun Ini is offering their guests the opportunity to take part in this project by diving with the team to help cut coral fragments to be placed into the nursery as well as clean the already growing coral fragments so algae does not impede the coral growth. Underwater clean- ups are conducted 3 times a year.


Blow Bubbles in Bohol

Scuba Show 2022 Dive Special
Pay 7 nights / Stay 8
Pay 10 dives / Dive 12
* Packages start at $2240 divers / $1720 non-divers. Includes all meals, transfers + Nitrox. Book by Aug 30, 2022. Valid for travel Jun 1, 2022-Dec 20, 2023 (ex. major holidays).