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Ancient Hue Garden Houses retains the essence of the mandarin garden house heritage. Blending feudal architecture and nature harmoniously together, bringing both noble quintessence and traditional folk colors, Ancient Hue offers 5 ancient wooden houses with a capacity of 8 rooms niched in a landscaped garden around a pool.

Savor a modern-day version of a royal feast at the Kim Long Fine Dining Restaurant that extend the imperial journey into Hue’s soul along with the calm of our Spa. Strongly influenced by Feng Shui, Ancient Hue Garden Houses evoke a sense of harmony which reflects the splendid history of the Hue.

“Vong Canh” House

Inspired by ancient royal architecture, Vong Canh House is a journey into Hue’s Citadel Soul. Decorated with floral patterns of Hue art “Phap Lam“ and real decorative terracotta tiles reflecting the unique Citadel imperial style, the 2 rooms House offers own private terrace and bathrooms. The house is surrounded by a landscaped garden.

“Truong Tien” House

Hue’s Trường Tiền House is a reminder that the city is the capital of arts and noble music. This 2-room Garden House, themed with traditional musical instruments [gongs, flutes and strings] along with paintings of famous performers. With 1 double and 1 twin room, Trường Tiền House offers private terrace and bathrooms for each room. The house is surrounded by landscaped garden.

Bach Ma House

Bach Ma House is themed as a tribute to Hue royal costumes and accessories.

The largest house of the resort, it is divided into two sections : men’s and women’s. The Men’s section showcases paintings of Imperial costumes. The Women’s section displays historical objects such as a real princess’ costume, paintings of royal jewelery, shoes, enamel tea boxes and other accessories. The 2 bedrooms feature King-size beds and each offer their own private terraces and bathrooms. The house is surrounded by a landscaped garden.

“Kim Phung” House

Vietnam’s old poetry is the main theme of Kim Phung House.

The famous « Tale of Kieu » poem is carved on the House’s wooden wall. A painting of the Kieu character also illustrates the poem. The 1 room House features an inside garden in the bedroom and a kitchen corner enabling guest to cook their favorite meals in the House.

“Ngu Binh” House

Vietnam’s old poetry is the theme of ‘Ngu Binh’ House. The House is a tribute to Ho Xuan Huong, one of Vietnam’s greatest classical poets. Poems and paintings are ornamenting the 1 bedroom House following Imperial style under the Nguyen dynasty.

It is said Hue represents the national soul of Vietnam.

As a Vietnamese cultural heritage nest, the capital of the Tay Son Dynasty (1788-1802) and then of the Nguyen Dynasty (1802-1945), Hue breathes through its royal atmosphere, its cultural life and its poetic environment.

Beyond monuments, the authentic charm of Hue has been preserved in the villages surrounding the imperial city where the mandarins of the Court lived.

Along the banks of the Perfume River, a little over a kilometer from the Imperial City, lies the historic village of Kim Long. The village has the distinction as the former residential area of the nobility class in the Citadel.

Time has not altered King Long Village. The well-preserved Garden Houses are secluded behind massive gates, typical of the Mandarin Era. Kim Long, literally meaning “Golden Dragon”, has a special place in the history of Vietnam in general and Hue in particular.

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