Aqua Tiki III

The beautiful new Aquatiki III is an Alegria-type catamaran measuring 20 meters long and 9.8 meters wide. She offers 5 very spacious guest cabins — 2 modular cabins (double/twin), 1 bunk cabin for 2 people only and 2 double cabins VIP equipped with TV Hifi and DVD. Each cabin has a private bathroom (with cold water and hot water). There's a vast lounge which is very welcoming and comfortable, with video corner, lounge library and cocktail bar. There’s an American kitchen, a vast cockpit sheltered from the sun by a canopy where all the meals are served, a large sundeck, a front salon and 2 trampolines generally very coveted and a platform for the grills. Wireless is also available. This boat sails with 10 guests and is available for full boat charter in either the Fakarava Atolls or Tuamotu archipelago on a variety of multi-day cruises.

The propulsion is ensured by 230 m2 of sail and by 2 motors of 150 HP, with more than 1000 liters of tank of gas-oil.

A powerful generator and inverter ensure the electrical production of the edge, delivering 220V continuously, with individual 220V outlets in each cabin 24/7.

The Aquatiki is autonomous in fresh water : more than 800 liters of reserve, with 2 desalinator of 190 liters / hour. (There is no distribution of fresh water in the Tuamotu).

Of course, for maximum safety, this ship is equipped with the most complete modern navigation equipment and the latest technical evolutions: autopilot, GPS, BLU, VHF, computer navigation center, radar, standard C weather, beacon Of distress Sarsat.

Our catamaran is also equipped with all comforts : a hi-fi system with independent sound system in each cabin and CD-library, television and video recorder, DVD with video library … A library where you will find among other documentation concerning the underwater fauna, Polynesia, Navigation, etc … many games to animate your evenings …

A telephone, a wireless internet spot and a fax by satellite make it possible to stay contactable in all circumstances and even on the other side of the world!

The boat is skippered permanently by a professional crew of 3 or 4 people :

A skipper who manages and navigates

A hostess, cooking and service on board

1 or 2 BEES diving instructor organizing diving and water activities.

The meals consist mainly of fresh fish, real local wealth, and rice; In fact, the bunkering in the Tuamotu is very limited, especially with regard to fresh produce such as fruits and vegetables.

Our hostess, real blue cordon, will make you discover succulent local recipes and an inventive kitchen. Bread, brioches, pan cakes, yogurts, all “home”, are prepared on board. On board, table water and lemonade are served at will throughout the day. However, drinks (sodas, mineral water, alcohol, …) are extra. Moreover, a cocktail bar is at your disposal from the end of the afternoon … relaxation and cocktail breakfast.

Sailing is usually done very early in the morning and sailing most often in the lagoons or in the open sea. Good and pleasant sailing conditions make it possible to practice big game fishing. Area very fishy !!! Coconut heart tasting. We do not sail every day, which allows us to visit the atolls and to make many excursions, to discover paradisiacal beaches, to practice nautical activities …

The Tuamotu archipelago located some 300 kms north-east of Tahiti is made up of 76 atolls of which hardly half are inhabited. These so-called low islands are ancient craters which have disappeared under the influence of erosion and whose edges, colonized by corals, are nothing but outcrops of white sand, strewn with shells and planted with coconut palms, which the Polynesians call “motu”.

The climate in Tuamotu is different from that of the high islands of Tahiti and the Leeward Islands. The warm and humid season, from December to February, is much more temperate here with a refreshing trade wind and reduced rainfall (usually at night), causing difficulties in supplying fresh water. The temperature of the air varies from 26 ° C (in July) to 29 ° C (in February); That of the ocean varies from 25 to 29 ° c.

In the Tuamotu, the scenery is total, far from any urban agitation. Life on these atolls is simple and quiet. The activity of the native ones, the Paumotus, is limited to copra, fishing and for some years to the culture of mother-of-pearl (Pinctada margaritifera). Grafted, it will give the famous black pearl, endemic Tuamotu. The inland lagoon, in fact, is a protected place, ideal for establishing pearl farms and fish parks …

Each atoll offers landscapes of wild beauty. Seen from the sky, they appear to be white rings on the indigo blue of the Pacific Ocean. The motus are covered with coconut groves interspersed with beautiful beaches and are separated from one another by small channels or “hoa”. The lagoons decline their waters from jade green to turquoise blue, turning purple. They communicate with the ocean by numerous “hoa” but especially by passes which are the privileged place to go to meet the underwater fauna. Rangiroa was the most famous Paumotu atoll, especially at the level of its diving spots. But not far from Rangiroa another atoll more and more talk about him: Fakarava and its surroundings! Fakarava has the largest pass of Polynesia and is surrounded by atolls offering the most beautiful Polynesian diving spots.

Fakarava is located 350 km to the North East of Tahiti. It is an immense atoll (the second of the Tuamotu by its surface: 1,121 kms²) which could practically contain the island of Tahiti in its lagoon. This atoll has 2 passes of which one is more than 1 km wide, making it the biggest pass of Polynesia!

There are 1,326 inhabitants, most of whom live in the village of Rotoava, 4 kms from the airport. Air Tahiti now offers 5 weekly flights from Papeete (flight time: 65 minutes) and direct flights to and from Rangiroa (flight time: 20 minutes). The major attraction of Fakarava is its exceptional location, both close to Tahiti and yet far, far from any urbanism or tourist activity. And above all, it is surrounded by wild atolls of unbelievable beauty, accessible only by boat in a few hours of sailing … Tetamanu, Kauehi, Toau, Tahanea, Aratika are some of the destinations we offer, offering landscapes Of dream for a perfume of end of the world …

Apart from these postcard images, it is the scuba diving which represents the greatest interest of this region since it allows throughout the year to approach a very diversified wildlife that make it one of the The world’s best spots for pelagic encounters. Tetamanu, located in the south of Fakarava, offers splendid beaches, notably the motu with the pink sands, which will make dream the Robinson which is sleeping in all of us … Its passage very fishy is accessible to all levels of diving. It has an unprecedented concentration of several hundred sharks, and is the spectacle of surprising events like the spawning of groupers in July.

Located just a few hours away from Fakarava, Kauehi is a wild atoll whose pass, far from the village, offers unique and surprising dives … To discover absolutely !!! In season, it is not uncommon to meet humpback whales. Small atoll in the north of Toau turned towards the pearl farm, Aratika has 2 small passes and nice falls with majestic caves. A compulsory detour: the former small village of Paparara … Not far from Fakarava Toau, a small circular atoll, has 2 tumultuous passes extreme fish. The dives are exceptional … For non divers the many excursions to land will be a delight.

Finally, Tahanea, a vast atoll located south of Fakarava, is a night of sailing, wild beauty and totally uninhabited … Tahanea has 3 passes rich in sharks, mantas and dolphins that will fill the most demanding divers. Non-divers (and divers) will discover an exquisite natural swimming pool.


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