Beit Sabee Guesthouse

More guesthouse than hotel, Beit Sabée has appeared in design magazines for its cool use of Nubian colors and local furnishings with a twist. Set in a traditional-style three-story mud brick house, the fifteen whimsical bedrooms with en-suite bathrooms are effortlessly chic and stylish. Near the farms around Medinet Habu and away from the hustle of Luxor city, Beit Sabée offers quiet accommodation, a closer contact with rural Egypt and fabulous views of the desert and Medinet Habu from the rooftop.

Breakfast is included with your stay at the Guesthouse. Though we do not have a restaurant, we are happy to cook you lunch or dinner for a small charge. Additionally, we are happy to recommend a couple of local restaurants within walking distance. Beit Sabée is located near Medinet Habu, on the West Bank of Luxor. This is the perfect place to stay before your Nile adventure on a traditional Dabahiya vessel.