Blackbird Caye Resort

Recently re-opened after a total resort spruce up! Located on Turneffe Atoll, 25 miles off the coast of Belize City, Blackbird Caye Resort stretches along 2 miles of pristine beach. This intimate remote resort is situated on the windward side of Blackbird Caye within 4,000 acres of remote jungle and swaying palm trees. Overlooking an iridescent turquoise lagoon, this little piece of paradise is protected by the atoll’s rim reef and the dramatic walls of Turneffe which are only 100 feet offshore. This prime location offers guests the opportunity to enjoy World Class diving, snorkeling and kayaking. 

Blackbird consists of 18 private oceanfront cabanas all with modern accommodations, air-conditioning and ceiling fans, screened in balconies and hammocks, and all facing the spectacular Caribbean Sea. The resort features four charming Island themed thatched roof mahogany cottages, nine hard roofed cabanas, as well as a duplex and a triplex cabana perfect for groups or families. Recent additions to the resort include a private oceanfront suite with outdoor jacuzzi and beach house. Three meals are served daily at the Palapa style Blackbird restaurant featuring local and international cuisine. There’s also a snack menu at the Poolside Bar.


World class diving!

*  The Famous “Blue Hole” (24mls) - closest resort to the Blue Hole!

Blue Hole – A collapse cave roof from the risen oceans following the ice age has left geological mysteries and a hole 408ft deep in which we go to 130ft to observe sunken stalactites.

Silver Caves – medium dive (20-80ft). Along the shallow wall are caves with schools of silversides usually experienced.

Long Caye Wall – medium dive (20-80ft). The wall starts at 25ft and all the colors are there. Lots of small tunicates and seaslugs and large grouper and jacks.

Majestic Alley – Shallow Dive (30-50ft) with staghorn and elkhorn corals and lots of tropical reef fish.

Soldier Caye – Shallow dive (30ft) Good first dive. Large variety of corals and fishes especially pillar corals and moray eels.

Coral Gardens – Easy shallow dive (maximum 30ft) along sandy coral ridge. On a good day this is one of the most beautiful shallow reef dives with perfect coral formations in good health.

Oasis – Deep dive (60-120ft) Large black corals and sponges growing from vertical cliff, up to sandy stretch with coral path communities.

Turtle Ridge – Medium dive (maximum 70ft) Easily navigated along coral ridges running from 30ft to sheer drop at 65ft. Excellent night, day and twilight dives.

Al’s Hideout – Deep dive (60-120ft) Not only is Blackbirds previous owner called Al, but it’s also the name of a jew fish who lives on this steep wall with crags and overhangs. Expect big barracuda.

Runway – Drift dive along (40-50ft) wall of resort with many spectacular combinations.


Turneffe Island is the largest of the three atolls and the only one with an extensive color of mangroves.

West Side story – Medium dive (30-80ft). No wall but A gently sloping reef. Enriched by the mangroves, everything here is different.

The Elbow – Deep or medium drift dive and time to see the pelagics. Divers go to Belize just for this one. This is one of the few drift dives along the atolls that is actually a true drift dive-if currents are cooperating. It can only be done in calm conditions, and given the site’s exposure, that isn’t a constant. When it can be dived, divers hope for some solid current action as this attracts the big schools of fish, which in turn attract Caribbean reef sharks, the occasional hammerhead, mantas, schooling eagle rays in groups of up to 40 or 50 and lots of other pelagic life not normally seen in calmer areas. Located where the currents run along both sides of the atoll convene, The Elbow can be a fast drift. The best action is over the edge at 60ft to 120 ft. Look out into the blue water to see cuber snapper schools, horse eye jacks in large numbers, and lots of other pelagic life.

*   Dive sites which are likely to be encountered among the seventy or more named sites in and around Blackbird Caye. Enough pristine dive sites for weeks of diving.

Snorkeling may be the single most popular guest activity because the swimmer has unlimited access to the reef only a few dozen yards from the Blackbird pier. The shallow clear waters inside the reef provide an excellent environment for beginners. High underwater visibility and shallow lagoon provide stunning underwater panorama for the snorkeler to see snapper, angelfish, parrotfish, rays, and endless varieties of coral. So if you are looking for the best snorkel trips then search no further then Blackbird Caye Resort!


  • Soldier Caye
  • Fisherman’s Cut
  • The Forrest


  • Harry Jones
  • Coral Canyons
  • Calabash Cut
  • Coco Point
  • Bull Bay
  • The Aquarium
  • Stingray City
  • Starfish Special


    Visitors can explore the island to observe marine life, tropical plant life (much of which is labeled), the reef and the mangrove jungle. Footpaths and miles of undeveloped beachfront welcome the guests seeking nature and soft adventure. Blackbird Caye has the largest crocodile population in Belize.


    Two miles of oceanfront access is available for guests who wish to squeeze-in some paddle-boarding into their vacation. What better way to get in your work out, practice your balance, work on your tan or just simply paddle around the beautiful waters of Blackbird Caye than on a paddle-board? Our complimentary paddle-boarding is a hit among guests who love the outdoors while staying in shape.

DSC_1726In order to make the transfers to Blackbird before the sunset you must arrive in Belize City by 2:30PM. Complimentary transfers to/from the resort are on Saturdays and Wednesdays from Belize City. Transfers to the island are between 3:00PM – 4:00PM by boat with a 1 hour and 30 minute boat ride.

A Blackbird representatives will take you to the appropriate location for your transfer to the resort. If you arrive early in the day, you will be taken to the Radisson Fort George where you can store your bags, relax, have some lunch or explore Belize City.

Check out is at 8:00 AM so we ask that you arrange your departure flights from Belize City any time after 12:30pm. There are no activities on the days of arrival or departure for arriving or departing passengers.

Transfers on any other day beside Wednesday and Saturday can be arranged for an additional cost. Prices for a charter flight start at US $492.00 one-way for two passengers. (This rate is subject to change)


Bliss on the Outer Atolls
Repeat guests receive 10% off. Welcome back!