Blancaneaux Lodge

Blancaneaux Lodge is a dramatic hideaway in a rainforest wonderland. In the early 1980s, Francis Ford Coppola visited Belize, immediately fell in love with the location, and purchased the abandoned Blancaneaux Lodge. For more than a decade the hideaway was used as a family retreat before Francis opened his tropical paradise to the public in 1993.

Blancaneaux Lodge is a 20-room luxury hideaway where waterfalls tumble into turquoise pools above the jungle canopy. Its remote mountain setting allows guests to explore the ancient civilization of the Maya and to return to their own thatched roof dwelling, rich with Guatemalan décor and nestled in the foliage of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve.


Since the lodge opened the Cabañas in Belize in early 2008, they have quickly become the most sought-after accommodations on the property. The two Luxury Cabañas, in particular, offer a secluded setting at the far eastern end of the property overlooking Privassion Creek and feature their own private plunge pools, king-size beds, Guatemalan décor, and a second shower outdoors. There are also more modest Garden and Riverfront Cabanas.

Family Cabana

A queen-size bed, sleeper sofa and a twin bed highlight the spacious Family Cabaña. A large screened-in porch overlooks the beautiful gardens of the Belize family hideaway, which may also be viewed  while idly swaying in the room’s hammock. 

Two-Bedroom Villa

Skirting Privassion Creek, these roomy 1,600 square foot villas feature a large comfortable open-air living room with a small kitchen. Off the living room are two luxurious bedrooms, each with its own full bath. These dwellings are preferred by families or couples traveling together.

Enchanted Cottage

Blancaneaux Lodge’s ultimate retreat reflects Francis’s desire for a haven in which to reflect and create. The cottage at our Belize boutique hotel sits atop a steep forested bluff offering panoramic views over the tumbling waterfalls of Privassion Creek and the distant jungle-clad Maya Mountains.

With an emphasis on luxury, this stone cottage embodies the quaint elegance of a Belize boutique hotel, featuring a bedroom with a king-size bed, writing desk, and fireplace. The bath house provides understated luxury with under floor heating, open fire, shower, Japanese tub, and steam room. There is a second half-bathroom in the entry of the cottage. The cottage includes a kitchen with a wine cooler, Illy espresso machine, breakfast bar, and a heated slate floor. Adjacent to the kitchen is an airy day room with a sofa bed, large coffee table, and comfortable armchair. Screened doors open onto the hardwood deck and the infinity pool. The Enchanted Cottage is secluded and surrounded by lush tropical gardens and spectacular panoramic views.


Experience the natural beauty surrounding Blancaneaux Lodge with a variety of different hikes. 

Full Day Jungle Hike

Follow fresh jaguar tracks with our expert guide through the jungle-clad hills of the Elijio Panti National Park. Marvel at delicate orchids and observe charismatic bird species such as the keel-billed toucan. Discover medicinal plants used by the ancient Maya and learn their secrets. After lunch beside a cooling waterfall, conclude the day by meandering along old logging trails in the tropical pine forest.

Hike to Big Rock Falls
Begin your adventure following a trail overlooking the creek and waterfalls. Admire the abundant brightly colored orchids adorning granite rock outcroppings and relax at one of the many streams crisscrossing the trail. Dip into the creek to be energized by the cool mountain water and receive an invigorating massage provided by the massive waterfall.

Horseback Riding

Explore the surrounding area on horseback. Our horseback riding tours are ideal for all riders, and even non-riders. We take care to match the rider with the most suitable horse to ensure comfort and safety. We recommend wearing long pants and sturdy shoes for comfort. Riding helmets are available. Choose from two hour to full-day tours, all suitable for beginners and experienced riders.

Chiquibul Night Expedition

Departing the property before sunset, arriving at the Chiquibul Forest you can hike to an amazing birding tower. Here one can enjoy a panoramic view of the thick luscious rainforest. This is the perfect time as it is a relaxing experience to watch the sunset as different species of birds make their way back to their nests. As darkness covers the rainforest, the predators start to roam their kingdom in search of prey. As most of Belize’s large mammals are nocturnal, this is your best chance to actually see them in their natural habitat. Driving from the pine forest to the rainforest at a slow and quiet pace, we stealthily search the forest for gibnut, armadillos, peccaries and other wildlife. Although seldom seen, the elusive jaguar leaves enough tracks behind for us to understand that this is his realm. Keep an open eye for our national animal the Tapir, who forages on trail-side vegetation. After a couple hours silently exploring the jungle, we have a snack by the creek under the forest canopy. On our way back, we keep vigilant for signs of a white tailed deer or the arboreal Mexican porcupine. As we slowly drive back to the lodge, there is time to marvel at the magnificent clarity of the night sky.

Guided Mountain Biking

There’s no better way to explore the diverse ecosystems of the Mountain Pine Ridge Reserve than a bike tour. Guided bike trips will take you on scenic routes and trails around the Reserve.

Maya Ruins


Situated high on the Vaca Plateau deep in the Chiquibul Forest Reserve, Caracol is the most extensive Mayan site in Belize and was only re-discovered as recently as 1936. The site of Caracol covers over 80 square miles with 30,000 structures and at its peak supported a population in excess of 150,000. Situated at 1600 feet above sea level (one of the highest located sites of the southern uplands region) with no natural water body close by it remains a mystery why such a huge population center like Caracol evolved where it is. However, the close proximity to both extremely hard stone and copal, two commodities highly prized by the Maya may help explain this enigma. At the heart of the site lies the massive pyramid of Caana (Sky Palace) which is now almost fully restored and reaches a height of over 135 feet. From the top you can enjoy breathtaking panoramic views over the forest clad mountains. The drive to the site in the early morning occasionally allows guests to glimpse tapir, jaguar or ocelot as they break their forest cover to cross the road. The sprawling site contains huge ceiba, mahogany and sapodilla trees and is superb for birding (the rare Keel-billed Motmot is a resident of the site). Wildlife such as howler and spider monkeys, Oscillated Turkey, coatimundi, gibnut and grey fox are often sighted while quietly wandering along the site’s causeways or along trails connecting the plaza groups.

Driving back down the mountain and through the town of San Ignacio, we head to the village of San Jose Succotz, where we take a hand-cranked ferry over the Mopan River to the site of Xunantunich (Maiden of the Rock). Xunantunich flourished during the Classic-period and appears to have survived the Maya ‘collapse’ to remain an important population center until around AD 1000. The site has 5 main plazas, although only 3 plazas are evident to visitors today. Dominating the site is El Castillo, rising to over 120 feet. A steep, but short climb to the top is highly recommended. This vantage point provides a breathtaking panoramic view of the surrounding Mopan and Belize River valleys, as well as Guatemala to the west. You will also get a close look at the restored portion of two unique stucco friezes. The visitor’s center and small museum are excellent and there are many small restaurants in the area serving authentic local food, or you may choose to bring along a picnic lunch and eat at the site.

Perhaps the most visually stunning of all Maya sites, Tikal’s five monolithic temples pierce the jungle canopy (Temple IV reaching a height of almost 230 feet) and ancient plazas, stelae and ball courts tell of a rich and powerful history when Tikal’s population reached almost 100,000. By the beginning of the Classic Period (AD 250) Tikal as competing for regional domination with Uaxactún and Calakmul and later Tikal was briefly dominated by a powerful alliance of Caracol and Calakmul from AD 562 until AD 682. From AD 682 onwards Tikal flourished again under Lord Ah Cacau and continued to dominate the region into the 9th Century. Today the site is justifiably recognized as one of the archeological wonders of the Americas. Its unspoiled jungle setting within the Tikal National Park makes it a paradise for birders, nature lovers and amateur archaeologists. This tour takes an entire day, leaving the Lodge after a quick Continental breakfast and returning around 5 – 6 pm in the evening. On the return trip, you have the chance to do some shopping in the Guatemalan town of Melchor.


Magical Mayan Hideaway
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